2.3GB Pro Service

I’m back up and running.
Main problem now is finding a LAN connection fast enough to test the speed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the recap. Im due to be upgraded tomorrow so wish me luck!

Don’t we need 6a cable and a PC with the correct nic to truly test?

The most important thing is going to be having at least a 2.5gbps interface on the device you are testing from. Cat 5e can run 2.5gbps (and even 10gbps) at short distances. Good quality Cat 6a is capable of running 10gbps at 100 metres.

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My main rig has two 2.5 nic ports so should be OK. House is cat 6 only so upstairs may struggle… I guess I’ll need to upgrade the switch at some point…

The biggest concern at is those that had upgrades today and left with no connection.

Cat 6 can do 10gbps at 55 metres so you’re not going to have a problem within most houses.

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Thanks Peter.

That’s encouraging news.

Noticed this morning that my line is down already. Is that in line with the impending upgrade or do I need to reboot the router?


This is inline with the upgrade :slight_smile:

Yayzi Support Team

Just to say that I’ve had the exact same experience…

CityFiber rock up with no idea why they are there. They installed a new ONT for no reason as they didn’t have the one that supports the higher power / speed…

Meanwhile Internet has been offline since 10 this morning.

From a work flow perspective, this is a disaster. What could be a smooth process has been turned into a cluster of mistakes and wasted time…

Hey guys,

Don’t worry, we are working on this with CityFibre - trying to ensure they comminicate with the engineers, as we have had quite a few instances of the same issue here.

Yayzi Support Team

lets see a speedtest :grinning:

I am back online guys


Missing a gig somwhere

the 2Gig connection isn’t a symmetrical service :slight_smile:

No up is up to 1G I was told before I decided to go ahead .

Believe it or not… Cityfibre actually returned at 5pm with the new ont…

This is good news, once that’s installed CityFibre then can cease your old connection, set the new one as live and we can adjust your config :grinning:

Um cityfibre released my old connection early this morning before the engineer came.

Also… SWING AND A MISS by CF as they were given the wrong box to install (did it anyway) and were then told about it by their dispatch.

Between the two of you, you need to get this process sorted as this is a complete joke…

I couldn’t agree more, trust me this feedback is invaluable, we expected a few small issues with it being a brand new product but not to this extent.

I’m really sorry about this.