Connection Down 16/03

Rather than cluttering up the other thread - new connection issues on the 149.18.x.x range up in Newcastle?

Anyone else seeing an outage?


Yep just gone down

Same here FY2

Same in sheffield

Paging @Yayzi_Team :grimacing:

yep down for me too again

And it appears to be back - for how long - anyones guess

Well that was fast to return! Pls no more

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This is definitely an odd one. No issues on the network from what we can see about 30% of the users dropped off, then came back up in about 5 mins.

No DHCP issues, no network issues on our end. So we’re investigating now

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strange pfsense said the gateway was online the whole time, but my ping said otherwise :slight_smile:
not having much luck are you @Yayzi_Team ?

keep up the good work!

Had the same blip here in Northampton:

I’m on the 185.210.x.x network, though.

Just for info, had the same 12 minute blip on 185 too which followed on from the planned outage last night: