Im at the end of my patience


I asked for a static IP on 6/10/2023, after alot of back and forth I have yet to STILL recive my IP I am paying for, I have no clue whats been going on.

It’s really important I get my static IP asap , I NEED it for work .

Ive sent prob over 100 messages to the customer support of the last month or so just trying to get to the bottom of all of it and its no closer to getting done, it seems like it will never happen for me. Im at a loss of what to do, do i cancel and go with another IP?, will the other IP have the same issues?,

Please, This is the last point of communication as emails online chat and call systems DO NOT WORK for me, no one replies to any. Whatssapp is painfully slow with sometiems days without a reply.


Hi Steve,

We’re on this now for you and apologies for the delay.

Yayzi Support Team

You said you where on this, you said in a whatsapp message that you wanted to get it dont last weekend and still im not on a static IP. I have messaged you repeatedly over the last week with zero replies. You have not contacted me since the 24th of novemeber none of my messages has been answerd. So now you ignore customers too?! What the *** is going on?!?!