New Order - Changing package

I have an order placed for install on the 12th June.

I have ordered the 1gig package for now as I dont have the cash to pay the £99 for the router needed for 2.3gig.

But I have worked around that issue by using my own PC as my “router” using a pfsense VM in hyper V or other software if hyper v wont work as needed.

So I can connect the ONT to a 2nd 2.5gb nic etc and run pfsense yada yada…

My question is, Can I change my order to 2.3gig? Should I just wait until the service is live and then change? If I did wait till then how long does the change in package take? I am also taking advantage of the 30 day free offer from reddit and monthly rolling contract if that affects anything


We can upgrade you within minutes of your line going live. I’d recommend to get it installed then drop us a message for the upgrade.

Otherwise we would have to cancel the order and replace and you may lose current appointment :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool, thanks!

I will wait for install date then and also make sure I can get the connection working via my plan to use pfsense in a vm on my main pc to bypass the need for a router.