No internet service despite being installed and charged?

Can someone give me a straight answer as to when my internet will be up and running please?
To install and then leave me with no service and then charge me near enough double the first payment before I’ve used the service stinks quite frankly.
I’d have likely not signed up with Yayzi had I known in advance the support from the company is limited to WhatsApp and email with no ability to actually talk to anyone?
Seems a bit backstreet to me and like it’s being run out of someone’s bedroom?

Hi Zoot,

There currently isn’t a straight answer to give, CityFibre have installed this as a business line, which isn’t what you put through. It seems they have some data issue and we have to await them to update. We’ve just followed up with them this morning and will share an update once we have it.

Any charges will be refunded back to you and we did start out in a bedroom but now we have offices and a warehouse, a team of 10 of us.

Just because we don’t have phone support doesn’t mean we’re some backstreet outfit. giffgaff don’t have phone support but they’re pretty massive.


Thanks. I’ll ignore the element of sarcasm and emotion in your response. My comments are out of sheer frustration and as the service provider you have to understand that whether directly your problem or not my installation experience hasn’t gone well and tainted my experience of the company.

When you buy something that doesn’t work or turn out as expected you just want to talk to someone to receive the direct assurance that it is being prioritised and worked on and will be resolved in the minimum possible timeframe. Sadly, whilst I’m sure not intentional, the personal experience is lost in a WhatsApp message or email and doesn’t give the customer the same level of confidence in the resolution.
As a suggestion and for future reference, I would suggest that customers still raise their issues via an electronic means but that in the most serious cases such as mine, for someone to pick up the phone and discuss the situation directly would be a welcome change to the current process.

All companies operate differently and the amount you pay generally reflects that.
We all get frustrated at times with things, but as Yayzi have said it’s their business line that’s been installed with city fibre, they could have installed the very same fibre for any company that’s on City Fibres infrastructure! But it just so happens to be Yayzi.

Whilst their support is getting better as a company Yayzi are UK support and generally you get better support than such as where you may have come from the likes of Virgin Media.

Thanks Nigel for your input, but there is more to the situation than has been explained here.

I am aware that ultimately the error lies with Cityfibre, but my contract is with the Service Provider Yayzi, not Cityfibre. As such my complaint is with them and it is for them to sort it with the network provider.

Regardless of the details of the complaint, it is my opinion (to which I am entitled) that the current level of support from Yayzi via the WhatsApp method is insufficient for serious complaints and the numerous Google reviews for Yayzi would support this view. It is not clear when signing up with Yayzi that they do not provide telephone support, and yes I am aware that you get what you pay for.

If Yayzi wish to correct some of their negative customer verbatim, they need to take this point seriously.