TP-Link ER707-M2 settings

I’m trying to connect with a new router a TP-Link ER707-M2.
VLAN set to 911.
Dynamic IP doesn’t get an address.
I’ve tried setting a static address but that’s not working either. It looks like it is, but there’s no routing of packets.
I have set:
IP Address - my 141.x.x.x address
Subnet mask -
Default gateway -

Are these right?

Don’t set it static, set it DHCP, if you’ve asked for a static, leave it DHCP as if it does happen to change for some reason, IE the range needs to change again like it did not long ago, you will still get connected.

I know you said DHCP didn’t work, try restarting your ONT and getting that working would be the best advise :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Thanks @Lynchnigel
The problem is, if I set it as dynamic, it fails to get an address.
There’s probably something wrong with the VLAN setting but I’m not sure what.

Vlan ID 911 is correct
That’s basically all you should need

I know :slight_smile:
But it’s not working.

@Yayzi_Team can you help please, restarted both the ONT and router?

This is my issue with Asus router. So the only way I can connect for now is Yayzi router to ont then asus router to Yayzi router. If I figure mine out I will let you know. If you get it working will you inform me what you have done


@supershaun my previous router was Asus. That worked. You have to find the IPTV setting to set the VLAN to 911 there. That worked for me.

Seems a bit odd that neither can get an IP for such a basic thing,

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Ok I will have a look and let you know

I agree @Lynchnigel
And I’ve had various devices in past:
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

Normally pretty straight forward

Have you tried get IP using unicast DHCP

@supershaun I’ve just plugged my Asus router back in. Here’s where you have to set VLAN

Yes, I have. That doesn’t work either.

Okay, I will give this a try also do you need to restart the ont box or not?

I didn’t have to when I re-plugged mine back in after messing around with the other one.

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Hiya, in the pic the WAN1 is selected? Is that right?

Yes. That’s where the WAN cable is plugged in. It’s an interesting device. All 6 ports can be configured to be WAN ports. Port 1 is always WAN.
Ports 1&2 are 2.5Gbps ports, the rest are 1Gbps.

Just popped this thread over to the network team for you :slightly_smiling_face: they’ll hopefully get you sorted

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