2.3g or 2.5g pro?

When I look at the packages, it says 2.3g pro+.

When I carried out the post code checker and signed up it said 2.5g pro+.

Anyone know which it is?!

Is the post code checker reliable for what my area is capable of?

It says month to month contracts for the same price too…

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It’s a 2.5Gbps line but we have to give the average speed which due to overheads on ports etc… that would be 2.3Gbps.

The postcode checker is very accurate! And the moment the month to month are the same price, limited offer :smirk:

I see.

The problem I have, like many others on here, is that I don’t seem to have the facility to make any choices or requests.

I signed up, received a router in the mail, got a date for CityFibre, and that’s it. No account number, portal access, or options to select monthly.

I emailed to get the details of the account changed over from my wife to me and was told it was done, but I have not received any emails to confirm. The wife cancelled the direct debit in error, and I have been requesting a new one, but nothing as yet.

I’m not meaning to pounce on you with my queries, but as you have replied, I hope you can understand that I’m just trying to get things in order.

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So the details change, wouldn’t usually trigger an email. As the contract etc wouuldn’t change per se, its just a details change. So the reference numbers would be the same.

I did send you an email yesterday with the DD info, but I’ll resend again for you along with your portal details.

The option to select monthly is on the first signup, you can go from monthly to 18 months but not from 18th months to monthly.

Let me know if you get my email in the next few mins.


Hi there,

Seems lots of stuff coming through now, managed to get account details email, and direct debit - so I have set that up for you - thank you.

Only thing I dont seem to have at the moment is the portal address to sign up etc.

Thanks again,


Hi Leigh,

Apolgies, I forgot to send that: Sign Up – Yayzi Broadband


One final thing!

Ive managed to get logged in, and under contract it states:

£149.00 will be billed on 05/03/2024.

I dont even have CityFibre scheduled to come do the instalaltion until 13/03/2024.

Please advise?

You can ignore that. You wouldn’t be billed until 1st April :slightly_smiling_face:

Few bugs in the portal, one of the reasons we’re bringing a brand new system online, we’ll be sharing details soon!


Thats awesome, thats me all done then and up to date with everything.

Thanks for all your help.


No Leigh, don’t ignore that.

I have been chasing Liam and Yayzi since October and there is always a reassurance that ‘accounts’ will take care of it.

Apparently, no one does.

In January there was some hope after chasing where they ignored one month of payment. Then in February, they charged me for two months.

Once your direct debit is in you will be paying and none will refund or care.

Drop me a DM here :slightly_smiling_face: and I’ll get it sorted for you

I’m paying for 2.3gbps but it rarely goes over 950gbps. I’ve reached out to Yayzi over all the channels they offer for help but so far it’s radio silence, I’m gutted tbh. It’s not even been a month of service as a new customer and I’m really unimpressed bu their support and customer service or lack thereof.

I’ve just taken a look at the devices connected to your router and I can see you don’t have any devices at all syncing at more than 1Gbps. This would be why you aren’t getting anymore.

You’ll need to check to make sure your desktop has a 2.5Gbps capable network card and also that you’re plugged into LAN4 (that’s the 2.5Gbps port)

I’ve just done a speedtest to your router and got 1.89Gbps.

Thank you for replying, I had hoped that by joining this forum I would finally get some assistance from Yayzi. I have no idea what netowrk cards are in our devices, and I’d imagine that most average users will be in the same position!! You may want to consider that many more average users will think that they too can get these super fast internet speeds you promise (could save you a lot of customer service enquiries) and consider they too may have poor eyesight or be partially sighted and not be able to read the tiny text on your website too.
Did you know that you can add accessibility to your website to help those who are partially sighted? Have a look at the RNIB for example. The Equality Act 2010 also has information you may find beneficial in this regard. :+1:

Perhaps it would also be prudent to advise new customers this may be the case when selecting a package on your website in a font size larger than 3!? :laughing:

Anyhoo I’d like to change our package over to the Pro package as the current one appears to be no good for our household, please. How do I go about doing that? TIA :pray:.

Forgive me, but having been RNIB accredited for site compliance for almost two decades of my life and having had a visually impaired (registered blind, though with limited vision) family member, the Yayzi site isn’t perfect from an accessibility standpoint, but it’s not in a 3 point font unless you zoom way out.

In terms of broadband speeds, the average user can get the advertised speeds, multiple 1Gb devices can download at the same time without impacting each other and still leave bandwidth available for more wired devices or wifi users. It’s only if you want a single device to take full advantage of that speed that you need a 2.5Gb port on that device and it really shouldn’t be an ISP’s job to check your hardware and usage patterns fit the product you choose - as you point out, if you don’t know what you have and how you intend to use it, how are they supposed to?

I’m sure @Yayzi_Team will get you regraded shortly :+1:

You’re forgiven :wink:. See attached screenshot, the text simply is too small, maybe not a 3 point font but too small, I wasn’t being literal hence the smiley emoji (and the !!?) I was offering some friendly feedback as many companies seem to completely disregard those of us with disabilities, sight imparement and so on. Baffling that you took the trouble to read through my post and missed that!!! :upside_down_face:

Your knowledge of broadband speeds is beautiful, your ability to read what was actually typed, was apparently … less so, but I thank you for your reply. :+1:

If you could point to where I asked for a hardware evaluation i’d be intrigued, seems you’re upset and read what you wanted to perhaps, or maybe just trolling? :man_shrugging:

Hopefully Yazi can make their website accessibe and make it easier for customers to understand that just because they’re paying for 2.5gb their home equipmwnt may not be up to it. You shouldn’t need to be an IT expert to understand that, many new customers coming over from Virgin or Sky probably won’t as they’re used to just plug and play.

This is valid feedback for sure and we actually are doing a new website, here are the new pricing tables. Feedback on this would be valuable :slight_smile:

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Thank you :pray: please can you move us over to the 1.2gb £39 as requested previously?

Oh dear. Not sure where you got hardware evaluation or upset from? A tad ironic considering you don’t think I read your post properly :rofl: Either way, since you asked so nicely, allow me to clarify: You made a statement that wasn’t correct, I explained in - hopefully - simple and polite terms why what you’re saying wasn’t quite right and your ‘average user’ and household could indeed get the speeds advertised if they used multiple devices. That’s not a hardware evaluation, as you made clear you don’t know what hardware you have, so how am I supposed to evaluate it, that’s just silly :rofl: It’s a little sad you chose to see it as potential trolling, but perhaps you are used to getting that when you post elsewhere or are just the sensitive type - who am I to judge?

Hopefully they can, it actually wasn’t that bad to begin with compared to many similar players in the industry, so often branding guidelines are an inch thick and don’t cater for different media types or end users priorities, let alone how they are supposed to be used in a physical form - my local doctors has braille signage 8ft up in the air and flat out refuses to do anything about it, because that’s what was approved!

Still feels like you haven’t quite taken onboard home equipment can support the headline speeds if multiple devices are used, the examples are interesting though. Everything at this point is ‘plug n play’, Sky don’t currently sell greater than gigabit products (yet), 1.2Gb and 1.8Gb Open Reach profiles exist, but Sky are never quick to launch new profiles and often do in-house trials way after the OR profiles launch officially, it has been this way since they bought into the market. Virgin have sold Gig1 (currently 1,130Mb/s) on the Hub4 gigabit (1024Mb/s) based routers since they launched it in 2019, and to this day if you are in a non fibre area and order Gig1, it’s likely you will end up with a Hub4 and it’s just as plug and play as anything else, but the only official way to get the full profile speed is with multiple devices, which brings me back to you’re situation. You’ve asked to re-grade to 1.2Gb and hopefully by now you realise 1.2Gb/s like 2.5Gb is greater than 1Gb/s, so the only way you’re seeing the full profile speed is using multiple devices and you’re OK with that now? Just otherwise you’ll be in the exact same position as you are now, but with slightly different numbers.

Good luck with whatever you choose, and imagine everything with a load of smiley faces after it if that’s what you need to do in order not be offended. You can do it :laughing: