2.3GB Service Hartlepool


Anyone know if the XGS-PON @ PON service is available in Hartlepool Yet…? Or we still restricted to 900MB service

Postcode TS25

I believe right across the town - I am in TS26


How you finding the service?

I looked at it when it first went live and lots of people had issues.

I’m in TS27 & I’m really impressed with the service.

The installation went fine, CityFibre guys were in and out really quickly. There were some issues around the beginning of March which wasn’t great, but they kept us up to date with what was happening and what they were doing, to fix it.
There was another issue with latency spikes particularly overnight - you can see from the forums - they have since 10xed the capacity. Yayzi is a smaller ISP, but is responsive - the last email I sent them was answered in about an hour.

With all that said, pulling 2.3Gbps to a single client is more difficult than some people think and needs some good hardware, and some messing about with settings, good cabling etc, but 1 Gbps+ download on Steam and while other people gaming and watching a 4K streams is much easier.

Ok thanks I’m allready on city fibre with another provider on the 900 service never had any issues but they don’t do the higher speed. My network all all hard wired in some cases with fibre links to different areas and have 2.5 & 10GBE option on my own kit.

like @supershaun on the whole I have been impressed with the service - I am still using it after 6 months and not planning on moving :smiley:

Which ONT did they give you?

Calix GigaPoint GP1100X - so will need an upgrade when10Gbps is available :rofl:

Just had a direct conversation with YAYZI and apparently is still only GPON so only 2/1GB available

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I wonder why they do some of the town 2GB/1GB & other parts 2.3GB/2.3GB

Yes bit annoying really, ours has been in exactly a year with current provider so its not that old.

My brother lives in TS25 area and he can get the 2.3GB service so I’m not sure why you can’t.

According Yayzi team I’m only gpon, I have messaged city fibre but don’t expect a response.

Must be down to hardware in the cabinet or the postcode checker is out of date.

We have been trialling a new system which upgrades on demand, so if we get X interest in an area for 2.3Gb then when it reaches this point they will upgrade the local node. So soon we will be looking at an interest pack so you can gather interest in your local vicinity. Little iniatives that help.

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@Yayzi_Martin now this is all starting to get a little confusing. When I last asked about when XGS-PON being available in my area (Weston-super-Mare), I was told by @Yayzi_Team that this was expected to be August - across most areas of the UK.
Like many I expect - I signed up to Yayzi on the promise that we’d get upgraded to the 2.3Gig service when it becomes available. But now you’re saying that we’d only get this upgrade if enough of us in a set area request it…?
This is not a great customer experience - many of your customers won’t be aware of this, and most definitely not reading these forums. You guys need to get your customer messaging in sync with each other.

Hi Mike, thanks for your message. We don’t control CityFibre’s rollout but we was told that 90% of exchanges would be XGS-PON by the end of the year, this doesn’t mean the local nodes or infrastructure will be upgraded at the same time, its two different things.

What is mentioned above is an additional idea we created with CF, to allow upgrade on demand, a completely new initiative and separate from the above.

The fact still remains as said, that when the area gets upgraded to XGS-PON that you can move across to the 2.3Gb product at the same price point, this way you will always have the fastest speed available in your area.

@mikekilley I asked Yayzi to change my package back down to the 1 Gig as I wasn’t getting the expected “upload” speeds.
They kindly regraded my connection and reduced my monthly charge. However two things of note:

  1. My upload speed now seems to have less drops compared to the faster connection (so from my point of view it is more reliable, though not as fast)
  2. For reasons unknown CityFibre turned up to replace my ONT in response to the regrade. Nobody has given me a rational explanation why this occured upon a downgrade. Apparently CF changed the port at the Cab, breaking my connection in the process. Down for 3 hours.