2.5Gbps Symmetrical Service

Hi all.

I think I’ve signed up for the 2.5Gbps symmetrical upgrade from my current 2Gbps / 1Gbps asymmetrical service but I’m not sure what happens next. Is it seamless and just switches over at some point? I haven’t had any notification or email to confirm the upgrade although the “my.yayzi.co.uk” area shows it as the 2.5Gbps service.

Thanks all.

Kind regards.

From Mike.

Hey Mike,

If you’re currently on the 2Gig Pro+ package, then 2.3Gig Pro+ isn’t currently available to you, despite it showing in the portal (one of the reasons we’re working on a new portal) is it has some bugs, this being one of them.

You will 100% be able to get the 2.3Gig Pro+ package in the next few months when your area has been activated for XGS-PON :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay. That’s no problem at all. Many thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: