2.5Gig Pro+ & Gigapoint GP1000G ONT

Quick question

will the Gigapoint GP1000G ONT be ok for 2.5gb pro+ package when it hopefully goes live in August or will I need to get it replaced?


If you’ve already have the 1.2 gig package then you will have multi gig ONT. If not when you order the package there should give you a multi gig oNT


Looking at that post, you will be fine

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The GP1000G only supports GPON 2gb. So you will need your ONT to be replaced with one of the following:

Calix GP1007x
Calix GP1100X
Nokia XS-010X-Q

Which one you get will be whatever they have on the van.

Read more about the different cityfibre ONT’s here:


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That’s interesting as I got mine upgraded to support multigig but I’m not sure which model it is - I can’t seem to easily get it off the wall and I don’t want to knacker it. The pictures of the 1000G and 1100X look pretty similar but I’m thinking mine looks a bit more like the 1000G which would be a bit mad if the upgrade needed an upgrade!

I think @Yayzi_Team have the power to interrogate the ONT so you could probably ask them. In fact, I’m going to ask the question too - @Yayzi_Team can you please advise what model ONT I currently have?


It’s on key hole slots, you should be able to lift the ONT upwards a short distance, then towards you

That’s what I thought but there’s no movement at all and I don’t want to use too much force. Maybe they glued it to the wall!!

I work for CityFibre and the simple answer to your question is YES. I have exactly this set up at home and works just fine. Unlike stated on the website the 1000G is rated and tested to far higher than 2Gbps

According to Calix’s website the 1000G has a 2.5gbps nic. Weird if it only supported up to 2gbps throughput.

GPON looks like it tops out at
2.5 Down and 1.2 Up


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Hmm, according to those measurements then, I either have a 1000G or a 1100G. If that doesn’t support the full 2.5Gb up and down, then I’m a bit surprised they replaced my previous one with this model if it’s still old hat and can’t handle the full speeds.

Depends on which Network Cityfibre have built oout in your area. GPON areas get 2.5Gbps Down 1.2 Gbps Up

newer rollouts and upgrades will see the shift to XGS-PON 10gbs/10gbs.

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This is pretty bang on, GPON ONTs only have a 2.5Gb port, but the XGS-PON ONT will have a 10Gb port.

We haven’t yet upgraded anyone from a GPON to XGS-PON speeds yet so we’re not quite sure how that works either but there will be testing done before we/CityFibre roll it out.


I wish I could take part in the tests for 10Gbps connection when they take place. I’m based in York.


Feel free to pm me. I would love to take part in the tests for 10Gbps connection when they take place.

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Wouldn’t we all haha

Imaging me doing a speed test for a friend and they seeing be 10gig. :joy:

Be awesome wouldn’t it😂

@Avalon nothing wrong with trying your luck :joy::joy:

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If you think trying to work out why your 2.5Gb wasn’t delivering was fun, then getting 10Gb/s is a ball ache. I have 4 x SFP+ ports on my core switch, I top out around 8Gb/s and going down the rabbit hole of trying to push more than that is not fun :smiley:


I will just let my full neighbourhood use it to test :joy:


Time for some upgrades :rofl: definitely one of the nicer problems to have!