2 modems on 2 different networks?


I’m getting Yayzi next week but of course they don’t provide a phone service. I have one of those 24/7 medic alarms connected to a phone line.
Went with BT for the most basic phone line, cept that now comes bundled with their basic braodband.
That is now all setup and running as well as it is going to.
I thought at first 'that’s ok, if there are any downtimes on Yayzi, I’ll just switch over to BT until it’s resolved.
Never thinking that running 2 very different modems on 2 different braodbands might cause conflict.

So anyone happen to know if that might cause any issues please?

If it might cause trouble, I can simply switch off the BT modem until it might be needed.


Think I have just answered my own question - I’m running Virgin Media and BT currently without any conflicts.

No worries, we all have brain farts!