"£99 Setup" and "No Setup Fee" on the same page

Was about to sign up to take advantage of a £200 deal from CityFibre to switch, but literally on the very same page that they are advertising no setup fee, they say its a £99 setup fee.

I see the small print says charges apply to the pro packages, but I think that the “Absolutely no setup charges” is still misleading.

To those that have switched, how is this company? I’ve heard negative things about their support. Any regrets?

The £99 is for the router. If you tell Yayzi you will use your own router they should wave that £99 cost. This is what I would do.

Personally. I would buy an N100 4x2.5GB/s Lan Nuc from Aliexpress and use this as your router with PFsense.

In terms of is it good. For the low price you pay, yes it is. And I have no regrets about signing up as they keep adding extra features for free. This is unheard of with other ISPs.