A good install today

Hi all,

Just thought that I would share a good install experience.

Installation completed in under 45 monutes with zero problems.
I can only test up to 1Gb ATM, as that’s all this laptop is capable of.
My new PC when built will be able to use the full 2GB that I have.

Whats a good way to monitor connection quality, packet loss, latency, speed etc?
Is there an all in one piece of software?

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Which router software are you planning to install?

Opnsense plugin on Home Assistant works well for me. Two clicks and i get an at a glance view, click into Online, Download, Upload, Ping to get further details.

Ultimately depends on your appetite for tinkering.

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I’m happy to tinker and to learn.
I remember way back in the Pipex era that there was software that you ran where you could get near enough a contant hraph.
So far I’ve found Thinkbroadband quality monitor, and well that’s about it for now.

Yeah BQM is ok, i don’t use it personally, but it’s popular.

Firewalla is good option, it has all the necessary graphs etc built into the software, you pay for their hardware and the software comes loaded with free updates etc. The same as ubiquitis business model.

I like tinkering, but if I’m paying out £100’s it will be on a Mo-Ra 3 (external Radiator) for my PC before I got anything like Firewalla. Don’t mind paying for an app, but certainly not £100’s.

I misread your orginal post. I read it as if you were building a PC specifically to act as a router. If you are using the Yayzi supplied router then BQM is all i’m aware of. There may be others.

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Ah. No The specs of this PC are somewhat OTT for a router, it’l be a gaming/editing/general usage PC.
I find it hard to believe that there is no software available now when there was decades ago?

It’s a long, long time since I dealt with Pipex, but iirc you could pull data from the router to a 3rd party app in some cases, I believe it worked on the old Netgear DG834’s? Personally I run my own automated speedtest container that does a check every 60 minutes, it gives me speed up/down and latency, obviously if the connection is in use it’ll read low, but taking tonight for example I was able to spot damage to a backhaul link and swap out the feed and pinpointing when that feed degraded let me work out who was doing what (me) and where (the loft). Combine it with BQM (make sure you use a dynamic IP service just in case and update via the router) and you have a reasonable idea what’s going on and where. My router also does automated pings as well as a daily speed test.

Yeah, back in the days of dial up modems, half duplex sound cards erc, lol.
All I really need is packet loss, latency trends, speeds. Nothing really that fancy, or I would hope it’s not.

I was using Homeseer for house controls and up down of connections via add ins but at the moment I’ve not got it running, currently useing an API and slack which gives an update down message, hope that helps.


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Slack is a website with an app, it uses JSON messages, so within slack you set up web hooks,I use a UDM-SE which works well.

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