Activation today, but no internet

Posting here in as looks like good support from both community and Yayzi.

Got connected today, but no internet available since engineer visit early this afternoon. City fibre guys said everything good there end and need to contact isp (Yayzi) to either activate or fix.

Do you think this will be resolved easily, and hopefully tomorrow?

Any help appreciated.

As I understand the order process, the contractors need to close the install order on CF’s systems before Yayzi can activate the service. I’d suggest either email [email protected] or whatsapp would be quickest here.

Cheers. City fibre have closed and I’ve raised a ticket and got a response from Yayzi that they’re looking into. Sounds like I’ve done everything I can and just need to be patient now. Thanks for quick response.

I’m having the same issues, installed today, network is live, but no internet connection. I’ve raised a ticket with Yayzi, but have not yet had a response, not even an automated response confirming receipt of the ticket. Did you get an email response?

Got an email response yeah after I’d emailed and raised a ticket on their website. Chased up with another email but no update yet. Fingers crossed for tomorrow, hoping something they can quickly remote activate / fix. Hope you get sorted too Pete

Would you mind giving me the email address you got a response from? I can’t even find that. Thank you!

[email protected]

Perfect, thank you.

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When i signed up, i had the same issue, turned out my issue was DHCP not handing me out a IP address.

not sure why its a issue :confused:

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I had my install yesterday pretty much went the same as you both with no ip showing it did not take long however everything was up and running by the morning around 9:30 i got an ip and everything’s been smooth since I got the 2.3gb+ and all is good with speed exactly as advertised they said i needed to wait 72 hours for my static ip other then that im happy

Honestly i wouldn’t worry too much, so far they have been pretty good for me, i used whatsapp to contact them and all questions and querys was answered over time

Hope all works out for you too.


How you getting on Pete? I’m still not online yet. Told it’s with the network team to investigate but no update or eta available

I’m connected now, not sure what the problem was, or how it was resolved, sorry I can’t be more help to you. Hopefully your up and running by now too?