Advise for hardware to use

1st Option -
2 x EX820v in mesh

2nd Option -
UDM Pro with U6-LR access point (wired)

3rd Option
2 x unifi express using mesh mode.

Looking to maximise wifi speed as close to the 1gig as possible… or if anyone have any other suggestion to explore possibly.

I use a UDM Pro with U6-LR & U6-Lite and depending on location around the house only get around 350-400Mbps via WiFi

WiFi is all about location location location.

A bang average access point in a good location will out perform a top of the line access point in a poor location.

@Hopper is right that placement really matters. For best speed capability (on paper) with Ubiquiti you will want the U6 Enterprise APs which have WiFi 6E - of course your devices need to support it too.

It also has a 2.5gbps ethernet port so it can in theory support the full 2500/2500 Cityfibre package, although you’re unlikely to ever get that from a single client. If you are trying to get the best throughput then always pick an option where your APs are wired in (and avoid daisy chaining unless your APs have significantly faster ports than your internet connection).

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I have now upgraded all my Unifi APs to the wi-fi 6 versions and currently have - in this purchase order - a U6 LR, U6 Pro and U6+. Certainly overkill for 2.4Ghz but to get a consistent 5Ghz signal in a house with internal brick walls, it seems better to saturate with multiple APs at a lower power, than less on a higher power. I have also been very wife-friendly with my positioning of these with 2 up in the loft resting on the ceiling boards, and one tucked away in the integrated garage.

They do take a fair bit of tinkering to get everything running well - power levels, positioning, frequencies to use etc. But, from the locations that I generally use in the house, I get around 600-650Mb down on wi-fi 6 supported devices which is probably not that far off from what’s realistically possible,

Depends on how much time, effort and headaches you want to deal with. I have found that it’s very easy to totally screw it all up by making one seemingly innocuous change with the Unifi stuff. Conversely, you should get much better performance when set up correctly and is a lot cheaper than Cisco or Ruckus kit.

One final note. Unifi have just announced their U7 Pro AP so that might well be worth looking in to for futureproofing.


I’m using the UDM-SE because of the POE support for my CCTV and the speed, I used to have a unifi 5 LR AP I’ve tried it with the UDM-SE and also another switch but I couldn’t get it to work.
The unifi 7 has quite a nice package with 6 spacial streams and can use the 6Ghz frequency and keep newer devices happy so at some stage I could be tempted, have you had a look?

I don’t have any devices to take advantage to be honest. If I were in the market for an additional AP mind, I would probably go with the U7 Pro as it’s not much more than the U6 Pro. I may well dump the LR and pick up a 7 Pro, just to see if it improves things for standard Wi-fi 6 devices, but I think it’s a bit more power hungry and hot, so not so sure.

it uses a max of 21w which ain’t bad, some of our ciscos use 51w
The theoretical data rates and 6Ghz throughout looks interesting and the MLO which WiFi 6 didn’t have.

“MLO is an improvement on the MAC layer. It uses MLD (Multi-Link Devices) multi-link aggregation to achieve higher throughput, lower latency, and higher reliability. MLO uses MLD multi-link seamless dynamic switching to achieve load balancing and low latency”

If kit supports it ha!

There’s always something to try and entice you.

Ah, the flaming money pit that is Unifi. I wouldn’t get too excited about the Wifi7 side, its still way too early and client support and practicalities of mobile devices make it less beneficial, also if your AP needs a fan, thats just not cool, literally! The rest of the U7 range should be dropping in the next few months from what was said at the conference, a U7 Lite is probably a better bet for most imo and I say that as a U6 Pro owner. I am more interested in the new router hardware thats seemingly coming….

People don’t just use mobile devices on WiFi and end devices will catch up, it’s not impractical to think about the future instead of the next 5 minutes, if you think ubiquity is a money then you’re looking in the wrong place, there are worse offenders.
I got one still be hanging my nose over the 7 pro it’s bound to start dropping at some stage.

We’re talking about home user kit here, not enterprise, hence why Unifi is even in the discussion (though they did state they want to move into enterprise last week at the conference), and in that market its an expensive ecosystem for what it does. Also nobody with any credibility has ever suggested wifi should be used to move big data quickly, that won’t change wifi 7 or anything you are running today, tomorrow, next year or for the rest of the decade. You can’t defy the laws of physics, light travels faster than radio and cable is still king with a clear path to 400Gb and beyond - if it wasn’t then nobody would bother laying fibre.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen someone call Unifi enterprise without chuckling a little

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New Unifi 8 Pro Max Ultra AP announced

I’m waiting for the 80cm fan version :rofl:

In your opinion, in my opinion there’s still worse offenders.

Customers and home users expect data via WiFi too be moved quieter, hence why MLO and why is will be moving quicker, it’s been moving faster and faster, people stream and send CCTV etc via WiFi and fibre is being used directly to APs in some cases.
WIFI is fitted in football stadiums so large data is moved fast!
Haven’t you heard, fibres are used to transport the data via the WiFi.

Well there’s some rather large companies using Ubiquity

Who uses Ubiquiti Networks?

Company Website Revenue
Panasonic Corp >1000M

|University of California,

|Blackfriars Insurance Brokers Ltd||>1000M|

|Lockheed Martin Corporation||>1000M|

C’mon, admit it, you’ve had one too many :rofl: Quiet wifi and repeating that fibre is used to AP’s :rofl:

We were discussing consumer grade hardware, you claim there are much more expensive options than a UDMP-SE and AP but keep neglecting to tell us what? I considered the QNAP QHora and Synology options, The TP Link 8411 + Omada (essentially a UDMP), even the RGB encrusted ASUS garbage, but i’m coming up short, so as you can think of far worse, feel free to enlighten me.

The CCTV/streaming examples also don’t add up, no sane person who is implementing a secure system uses wifi, it doesn’t matter if they are the customers or home users you mention. No reputable installer will spec any form of wireless camera unless it’s for something like a doorbell. CCTV is not high bandwidth, even with main and sub streams running because H264 and H265 hardware encoding on camera is a thing, and you’re not generally recording 4K/30 or similar, it’s all low bandwidth and reduced frame rate depending on the area and the risk. As for streaming, commercial 4K steaming tops out at 40Mbit and a full 4K BD REMUX tops out at 128Mbit depending on the title and scene. Large scale commercial AP installs aren’t about big data, they’re about high density/user count with a limited amount of bandwidth, thats why Unifi often over state the maximum user count on AP’s vs Omada and Aruba for example, but again that has nothing to do with the consumer stuff being discussed.

Wifi is a convenience for mobile devices and IOT, NBASE-T access points with big radio numbers are still port limited, and in the consumer space, thats 2.5Gb still on the higher end options.

Oh well there’s always one :rofl:

It’s what people do, WiFi doesn’t have to go out to the internet, it can be kept on a separate vlan and firewalled and people don’t just stream or just run CCTVanyway Enjoy your evening I agree to disagree.
And don’t be so belittling saying someone has been drinking!!

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