All4 App not working on Roku

Hi all,

I have had Cityfibre installed today and I’m currently having issues accessing the All4 app on the Roku stick, all the other apps work but all4 doesn’t.

The Error I’m getting:

All4 app error “this Content is Geo-blocked”

It worked with my previous ISP, Virgin Media.but doesn’t now.

My Geo location shows me in Blackpool but i’m in York, unless Channel 4 doesn’t like Blackpool for some reason.

I have tried it on a hotspot tethered to my phone and it worked fine so i know its not the Roku stick, I have two Roku sticks in the house and both give this error.

@Yayzi_Team I saw on a previous post that Iplayer had this issue in September, could this be related?




We’ve raised a ticket with Channel 4 on this, hopefully have a quick resolution.

Yayzi Support Team