Android, iOS support app

How about providing customers with an app for the forums? You could have a service monitor, time to connect to a customer service person, customer service centre and technical help for those who may not be able to understand the forum format and are currently being left in the dark regarding help and support. Basically a professional customer interface rather than the “around the houses” mess that’s in place.

There is an app for the forums, it’s called Discourse Hub…

Yeah something rated 2,5 stars doesn’t bode well tbh. An official Yayzi app that acts as a portal to support, customer services and the forums is what I am suggesting here, something robust and user friendly.

So if you click help and support on the main site, you are given the option of two buttons. On the left email/ticket or the right the community forums with a whole 6 main sub forums, one is obviously official Yayzi support and to be used for account specific issues, the other is community based support because some of the people here are genuinely knowledgable and happy to share time and experience freely and Liam keeps replying. Developing an app to present those two options for two different OS’ just to float the web buttons to you and navigate a web based forum that already has a mobile site option feels like adding complexity and cost for the sake of it.

As to time to connect to a customer service representative, i’m not sure you’ve quite grasped Yayzi, i’ve interacted with the grand total of three customer facing staff (I think they have 4 on staff now?). I know of several outsourced tech support and CS providers for national ISP’s locally, you wouldn’t want to speak to them, thats why I chose a small ISP that has ticket support and is active rather than one with an outsourced CS/tech support handled by generic minions who read from a script and can do very little. The improved web portal is supposed to be coming soon, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens with that, it may tie things together even more closely, we’ll see.

But for now, if it’s account specific, open a ticket or whatsapp, if its general or a widespread issue, then hit the forums, but personally I dont think it can get much simpler and the last thing I think we need is an app. Obviously everyone else is entitled to think differently :slight_smile:

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Thats a lot of stop symbols, I guess in your world other people aren’t so welcome to offer a different opinion :rofl:

Good luck with that :+1:

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