ANOTHER GEOLOCATION causing problems thread

I switched from virgin a week ago and although I’m liking it the 154.60/16 allocation is locating me as EITHER US or London.

To name a few (without logging in) :
ebay thinks I need international shipping to USA says London EC1N

Weather apps on Kodi media player such as Gismeteo think I’m in Hutchinson,Kansas not Glasgow,Scotland.
But i fixed that one in “location setup” as there is an additional option above adding cities stating current location and disabling it.

Locating you in London would be correct, as that’s where the IPs are registered to us as a business, they aren’t to your exact location, but we will take a look at your other problems :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m in Glasgow,jst moved from virgin today,connection has been quite eratic since it went live 6hours ago,getting lots of drop outs when streaming YouTube /iptv ect,dosent happen if I switch my nvidia sheild cat cable bck to the virgin hub,and why am I seeing usa on my speed tests,and my ip has changed 3 times today,had to setup thinkbroadband bqm multiple times,jst set it up again 20mins ago and I’m already big latency spikes which might be causing the drop out s I’m having

You’re seeing USA on your speedtest because that’s the server that’s been selected. You can see your location is in the UK.

Try using rather than fast.

There is currently ongoing issues in Glasgow, have been for the last few days.

So you can expect that to be sorted soon as CityFibre resolve.

Also you’re not on a static IP as you’re on the 900 Plus package, that’s why the think broadband monitor will need to keep being set up

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Ah right,good to know there is a issue and it’s getting fixedwho do I ask for a static ip

This issue has been causing me some headaches since I joined a few weeks back.

Most services see me as being in the UK but a few do not.

O2 is the big one for me. I can not access my account at all via my Yayzi connection. If I use a VPN I can. O2 thinks im in the US and as a UK Customer it does not like that.

I have come across some sites that wont let me in at all telling my my ip range is detected as a datacentre.

Its getting irksome.

Drop us an email to [email protected] please :slight_smile:

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