ASUS AX1800 extender

Would it be possible to connect my ASUS router in ap mode and connect it to Yayzi router as an extender as I have a couple dead spots in my home?


Yeah shouldn’t be a problem, just ensure DHCP is turned off on the Asus router, it may have an AP mode built in dependent on the model, naming the wireless SSID on the Asus the same as the Yayzi will help with client hand off and reconnecting seamlessly between each, although dependent how close the two are it may not be brilliant.

Okay thanks I will have a look. So even if had an access point setting on ASUS router still turn off DHCP?

If it has an access point mode, dhcp should be disabled automatically, but if it is enabled for some strange reason definitely disable it.

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So these are the ones to pick from. Would I still select Access point. I’m using a Ethernet cable from Yayzi to ASU’s router.

100% just put it in AP mode and it will work.


Thanks all that has worked great :+1: