Asus router settings


I’ve just received my install today and I’m noticing crazy fluctuation in the upload and download on my router and pings between 13-16ms.

After discussing with customer service they indicated the relatively high ping and fluctuation may be a result of the settings in the router and to post in the community forum as some users run ASUS routers and may be able to help.

Running an RT-AX88Upro


Popped a few router speed test results for reference

I’ve had wild fluctuations - mostly in the evenings - since the infamous ‘March meltdown’. I get this on both my Opnsense and UDM gateways. I doubt it is down to your settings but don’t know for sure.

If it happens mostly in the evenings then I would say it is probably related to their port capacity which they should have sorted in the next, I believe, 3 days.


I am running the Asus be98 and mine are usually always on point between 2200-2400

Also speed test using nperf app on pc

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Yeah something isn’t right with mine, the fluctuations are crazy, also nowhere near asymmetrical speeds

Did you have to do any router settings other than the vlan?
I find it really unlikely that the router is the reason for the fluctuations im getting, just seems a bit like a cop-out

It’s pretty straight forward to setup but expensive. To be honest I haven’t seen any dip in speed etc but I’m not saying it’s the solution

Here’s a question, What can do on that connection? that seems unnecessarily fast to me. Keep in mind, I am not new to gigabit, but I am new to gigabit Symmetrical. Having 1G upload is an absolute blessing

I run my one NAS for home share for my media. I run a couple of minecraft servers for family etc. My son & daughter also a streamers so always uploading to YouTube etc

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Here’s a question, What can do on that connection?

Anything you want!!


Pretty much yes.

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  1. Are you doing this test over WIFI?. (You won’t get your speeds over WIFI, you need to test them over cable.
  2. Have you tried running the test against different servers?