BETA Testers for new product

Count me in.

Makes perfect sense offering a mobile option.


Happy to be a guinea pig too, if my setup is compatible.

YAY Count me in @Yayzi_Liam @Yayzi_Team

Yes i’m up for being a tester.

Yeah I’ve got a spare note20 ultra thats doing nothing so would like to be a tester as o2 is appalling in my area.

Aye I will have a shot got some spare time this month @Yayzi_Team

Happy to test also

Count me in.

I’m running a Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 as my failover connection if this is a MVNO offering.

That said if your in a reasonable network area Three data deals can be had for sub £5 a month which I doubt any MVNO could complete with.

If this could help let me know

count me in dude

yes pleaseeeeeee

Will be contacting you all shortly :slight_smile:

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Il’d also be interested in testing :slight_smile:

Count me in!

If its not too late, i would be willing to provide feedback. thanks

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If you need more testers, im in.

I’ll help test it.

I would like to be a part of it, if it is not too late.

I’m in if there are still slots available…

Thanks guys! All slots are filled now, we’ll be in touch later today/tomorrow :slight_smile:

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