Billed with no service

Hi, CityFibre came last week to install my connection but couldn’t complete the fibre cable install to the cabinet. I have just received a bill for service I don’t have. I have also had a bill for an incomplete install. I should not be paying for these until complete and I actually have a service.
I can provide my account number and have tried emailing the support email with absolutely no success (5 emails)

Can you help please


Sorry you’ve been billed without service, weirdly I can’t locate any emails from you (apologies for that) but I’ve managed to link your account via the forum so I’ll get this sorted for you :slight_smile:

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I had no service for 3 weeks after my initial install - same issue with Toby to cabinet run, Email them and they’ll cancel the bill or refund you if it’s already paid

had contact from Support and all soted for now, thanks
Up and running too…