British Gas - website won't load

Is anyone else unable to get on the British Gas website?

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I VPN’d to my Yayzi connection to test this superficially for you, The main website works fine. I cannot test account access as I do not have one. I am on a 79.x address

Thanks - I’m on a 149. and it won’t load and neither will the app on my phone unless I turn WiFi off.

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yeah doesn’t load for me - i’m on 149 too

I’m on it loads fine for me

The curse of the 149 address range is still in play then. Ask the @Yayzi_Team if you can get put on a different range as this has been going on for a while now.

@Yayzi_Team please can I be moved off the 149 range of addresses?

I would advise you to email them for a quicker response.

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It works on the 141.x range, but this range is not without its geolocation problems still (mainly Microsoft related things). I’ve given up fighting tbh. Just going to hope IPv6 resolves things.

In a 149.18.86.xx and it’s ok

You’re firewall doesn’t do anything funky with blocking certain ports or connections I presume not?

Not obtainable to me either… 149.86 range here too

Strange - I’m on the 149.18.87.x and its not working for me from a Windows 10 Desktop, but is working from a Android Mobile connected to my WiFi - both using Chrome.
I have even checked Adguard and it allowing the connections from both.

I’ve just tried from the work Win10 laptop and that connected fine :slight_smile:
Not the Yayzi end then, it would appear! Phew!

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Cant get on to it either Im on a 149