Buy another router for yayzi to use as an easy mesh extender

@Yayzi_Team Just wondering if it would be possible to buy another router the same as supplied and set it up as an easy mesh node ? I’ve got a tp link ax3000 as an extension of the one you supplied but it seems quite slow


I bought two HX220 on CeX for £30 each to set up a mesh with the HX220 supplied by Yayzi.

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Don’t want a mesh haven’t got enough plugs and I’m happy with the supplied router but just looking to get another as per first question

You could email support team and ask if they sell a router on its own.

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Good idea cheers

So, you want a mesh, but you don’t want a mash as you don’t have enough plugs? I am not sure I understand

Keep in mind a wifi booster is like asking a guy with a bad personality to talk louder, functional, yes. worth the investment. no

Hardwire AP’s if possible

No I mean easy mesh as in you have one router the supplied one and use the tether app to use it was a wireless access point

I dont need it to be amazing as il.never be using it for WiFi as I get 1 gig throughout the house from the supplied router I just need it as a means to get my CCTV an internet connection so I can view wirelessly which it works fine at the moment but isn’t that fast getting 300mbps which is fine as it’s only viewing over 4 g anyway

And yes I get your point not ideal but doing it in a budget for now :grin:

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That’s fair mate. on my AP’s, I get max 500/500 as they are wifi 5, I need to upgrade them really

Did have the deco 65 which was great but after I thought about it I couldn’t justify the 600 quid so it went back I’ve got an ax3000 at the moment and have just ordered a ax5400 if no improvement they can both go back and il stick to my old rt66 nu from 2010 lol was hoping I could grab another router from yayzi as that would probably the best connection but we shall see lol

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The other way if you can’t hard wire anything is power line devices that connect to electrical outlets with an AP on the end of it or directly to the camera.

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Update I tried with a second router that was provided at my cost and due to what I believe is the firmware it wouldn’t connect. Noones fault . So I have finally settled on an ax5400 which meshes perfectly with the yayzi router and it cost me 115 quid I can now run my pc upstairs on wireless and also my security stuff getting a not too shabby 350mbps without any wires . The yayzi router everything else is connected to does 1.1 Gbps wireless in the same room and 1.5 Gbps downstairs again for a 1.2 GB connection that’s amyazing (sorry couldn’t resist )