Bygones be bygones, After a rocky start I'm incredibly impressed

Ok, so I’ve been with Yayzi/City Fiber for about 6 weeks now, and it’s been a turbulent ride so far, but I do want to highlight the major upsides to Yayzi aswell, as being a reasonably new ISP, feel they do deserve credit on certain factors they really do excel in.

I’ll start from the beginning:
City Fiber (CF) Install - Came two days early to complete the outside install. Barely noticed they were here.
Day prior to install, received an email to say the router was delayed until Wednesday. We ordered it 4 weeks before so understandably was unhappy to learn this the day before (given our VM Internet was being turned off a couple of days later)

Install day - CF engineer completed inside install, without router. Left saying 3/4 lights working, can’t confirm 4th until router arrives. Had to pay for an extra week with VM for Internet.

Watsapp to Yayzi asking for it delivered ASAP as we both work from home and was promised Monday delivery by 24hr courier. No tracking number provided, and on the Monday was assured it was out for delivery. Still no tracking number. Nothing arrived, was promised another was being sent out by 24hr courier. This time I recieved an auto generated email with tracking number (lead to believe first was never sent because of this.)

Router arrived Wednesday, set it up but couldn’t connect to WiFi. Password on the underside of router was apparently incorrect, but a quick picture of the router to Yayzi watsapp, quickly resolved and got it up and running.

Ran great for a couple of weeks, no issues. Then suddenly had brief outages at midnight (see seperate threads on them transferring customers to a newer network over the course of three nights 00:00-02:00) followed by almost a full day on the Sunday without any connection.
Was advised by Yayzi watsapp of the maintenence after querying what was going on.

Worked fine until another full day outage on Wednesday which was a national outage.

Since being back up after the Wednesday national outage, it’s been flawless, and touch wood it stays that way.

Now I’ve highlighted the troubles along the way, I must show my appreciation for Yayzi through their watsapp support. Their responses have been almost instantaneous each and every time I’ve needed to contact them this way. Absolutely outstanding response times compared to other companies that you’re waiting hours for, usually to be greater with automated responses. The fact a trained human being can look into my issue there and then, whilst keeping me updated along the way, and even checking in after the issue has been resolved shows that they’ve nailed this part of the service. I just really hope this doesn’t diminish as the company grows (albeit, I hope I never need to actually use their watsapp for support if you know what I mean.)

I believe I remained reasonable through some stressful times, as I did have to take time off work and reschedule meetings due to the random outages, and can only apologise for times I may have been a little frustrated or abrupt. Your team (shout out to Liam especially) handled every one of my messages with professionalism and courtesy. It made me feel like I’m the only customer they have, and that was reassuring every time.

Now that this upgrade has gone through, I really am hopeful that those were my last issues we have with them. I understand spontaneous problems can happen, but now I have the clarity that should they arise, they’ll be dealt with if I use their watsapp.

My only feedback qualm would be probably their delivery of notices etc. I wasn’t aware this forum existed, where they posted the scheduled 3 day outages. I could only suggest maybe an auto-text service to notify us on the fly for any preplanned or unexpected issues would make their overall communications top notch.

So there’s my story. Kudos Yayzi! I’m looking forward to our continued services with you, and wish you all the best in your growth. Continue putting your customers first as you currently are and I’m sure you’ll be one of the big ISPs in no time.

Kindest regards,

Jonny M


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