Cancellation broadband

How do i cancel my broadband installed last Thursday emailed and did a ticket also and replied when asking to wait overnight last night ive asked to cancel.


If you contact Yayzi via WhatsApp, or via the ticket, they should get back to you ASAP.

WhatsApp: +44 7440 542467

What is your reason for cancelling? I am meant to be getting installed next week but with all the recent problems I’m starting to doubt my decision :joy:

All the best. I think you’ll find that the team is focused on their customer base given the recent unforseen problems.

Perhaps they might even try and catch up on some sleep

Main reason drop outs coverage had sky no issues and also losing signal to mobile phones.
Only left sky due to speeds
Bad mistake wish i stayed just a week a 1 day and connections problems went out and git another router has drop outs with that also.

From the look of the avatar you’re probably up my way Shaun, and I get it. I moved over from VM (my former employer) and if i’m honest, the install didn’t go to plan (100% a CF issue), since then it’s been pretty much fine till the recent outage. I can saturate a gigabit line nicely 24/7, latency isn’t amazing, but better than VM, and the honesty and personal service is appreciated - i’ve had replies from Liam at getting on for midnight before, long after he’s supposed to have knocked off. It would be nice if I never had to message him, but when I do, he’s polite and generally responds quickly. Outside of AA and possibly Aquiss, you don’t get service like that, and you generally pay a fair chunk more for it.

I genuinely feel for the last few people stuck with issues where routers haven’t come back on, they must be absolutely peed off and it really does suck, but as I know from my my old job, when we did upgrades the fault calls would spike as sometimes hardware just doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, some required a manual hit, some required hardware swaps, which I would imagine is why Yayzi were doing them in batches of 100 to make it easier to deal with faults. When they did the bulk migration, the 2-3 people they may have had in each batch suddenly jumped to everyone affected asking ‘why’ as it was an unplanned outage, and then the usual 2-3% of faults following migration followed, but this time it’s 2-3% of 2,000 and you are left with 60-70 of us having issues. It sucked, but I can understand why the choice was made, and looking at the history (ignore Telehouse power outage that hit a load of companies), outages are pretty rare, and usually quite short.

Overall, other than the last few days taking the shine off a little, I am actually really happy with the service, and assuming it’s an isolated issue, I can take 38hrs of 4G. I would likely feel differently if we were just kept in the dark and ignored like certain other ISP’s seem to feel is acceptable. I can’t tell you what to do, but the one bit of advice I would suggest is to give yourself a reasonable overlap on the existing service, as if something does go wrong with the CF install, you will be glad you did as CF take an age to feedback what went wrong and nothing can be booked till the contractor updates things which is usually the next working day.

Hope it works out whatever you decide :+1:

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