Cannot create account with you

I have placed an order with you and received confirmation of this order and a go live date of next Friday 15th. In the confirmation email it has a link saying to check the current status of my order at the following link

Going to this link I have to register with you first by putting my order number in and also my post code in. However when I do this and I click submit both are bringing up errors say there are no orders with my order number and no postcodes with an order tied to it.

Is there anyway you can please correct this.

Hi Anthony

First of all, welcome to the forum! Apologies that you’re having an issue signing up for you account - I’ll get you a new email sent with a link to register.


Having the same issue too, could i get a new email with a registration link?

Hi Zim,

Welcome to the forum, and absolutely we’ll get that resent for you and we have the web team sorting the emails out so the issue will be resolved.


Thanks for this reply. But I haven’t received any email yet. Could you not just register me for you and just allow me to reset my password to gain access?

Edit Email just came through and all sorted now. Thanks

@Yayzi_Team same for me - can you please send me an account setup email?

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I have exactly the same problem. Also the confirmation email states I have signed up for an 18 month contract when I actually signed up for a monthly rolling contract.

New emails sent guys and issue resolved going forward, apologies again!


Yeah i had that too on my account page, contract says 1 Month though


I have recently signed up to your service, which is expected to go live on the 4th of December, I haven’t received any communication from City Fibre or from you regarding the connection.

My order number is P-01042-1047-8343

Can you please also confirm if my existing line will be taken over or I’ll be getting a new line.

Thank you.

can I have a link sent that contains my service reference please


Did you not get the confirmation email? Drop me a DM here with your full name and address :slight_smile:

all sorted now, thank you