Cannot Open WWE Network since moving to Yayzi

Anyone else running into this problem with the same app or something similar. Everytime I attempt to log in it states that I am using a VPN or Proxy Server. Which I am not.

And yes I have tried more than one device.

What address range are you on?

Where do I look for this?

The IP address you are getting from Yayzi. Should be able to find it in your router. Alternatively use a ‘whatsmyip’ web site. Let us know the first part, like 149.

I can only assume OP is referring to this site:

Unsure, don’t watch WWE

Tested on 185 network, the wwe site loads OK

you can check you IP network and Geo Lovation info here:

IP is

From previous knowledge this does not seem UK based to me. Most usually start with 165? Am I right? Or wrong?

And I’m trying to access via the website on my computer or the app via my TV and cannot access either

@Yayzi_Chris can you look at this please. I have never run into this problem with any other isp. I’m in the UK and can’t view WWE network via the app on my TV or the via every internet browser on my PC. I’m paying for your service plus a subscription that I cannot access. Why do I seem to run into simple problems that I don’t run into with your service in comparison to others???

Here is an example. I have had 3 other isps and not run into this problem so it’s obviously something your end. FIX IT!!!

If this is not fixed by Friday via talking here. Or via email, or via phone call by Friday then I will cancel my service with you as I’m within my first 28 days and I am running into continuous problems. Shocking!!!

@Yayzi_Team cannot believe you didn’t even offered any help since the original post was uploaded!

Sorry you are having problems with your service. Have you sent them an email on [email protected] or [email protected] they’ll fix this issue.

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At least if you do cancel you don’t have to have the line changed! So it should be easy for you to switch it IDNet or whoever. It is a weird issue to have to be fair, apparently all the IPs Yayzi give report that they are UK, but companies need to update their geo databases

I’m not making excuses for Yayzi, but that’s the reality of buying an IP address range from another country. There’s only so many IPv4 addresses and we ran out years ago

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Sorry, we completely missed this.

We’re taking a look for you

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Thank you.

Has this been resolved yet?

Any follow up @Yayzi_Team

By the looks of could be a wider problem, as others have reported it to.
Yayzi said that they are on it, when asked yesterday.
Hope that helps, there’s a company looking into it

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Thank you.