City Fibre change service provider

Currently with City fibre on the 950 service with giganet with no issues but looking to move to Yayzi for the impending 2.5 service.

Any else moved from another CF provider and was the transition smooth…?


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It’s not the smoothest. Seemingly you have to let your old ISP know first to cancel the service with them.
CityFibre won’t let a new ISP deliver the service if the old one isn’t removed.
You’d think CityFibre would allow the new provider to initiate this for you but apparently they don’t.
Then, in spite of telling everyone that you already have CityFibre installed so don’t need a site visit, they’ll turn up anyway.
In the end for me CityFibre turning up was beneficial because although the service worked initially, it stopped after about 30 minutes. Because I still had their contact number in my phone from their “we are on our way text”, I was able to contact them. They intervened and the service came back and has been reliable ever since.
In between, Yayzi support was responsive.
So it’s not seamless, but it works.


That’s for the response… Fingers crossed it goes to plan

I was with giganet myself and after giving them 30 days notice they have disconnected me next day. Luckily Yayzi managed to speed up instalation :slight_smile:

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no issues now rocky start nice speeds

moved over from Giganet to Yayzi.
30 days notice to giganet, line disconnected on the day of transfer to yayzi. was up and running the same day. few line config issues all sorted next day or so.

No not smooth for me. Was with TalkTalk, and they locked my line to them. I could not leave. I had to put in a full line termination request with TalkTalk and wait 30 days to free up my line to go elsewhere. The 30 days came and went and TalkTalk just ignored it and kept my line locked to them after 30 days. So put in a second-line termination request to TalkTalk and waited another 30 days that TalkTalk ignored again.

Yayzi’s was letting me sign up with them so I switched to Yayzi and Cityfibre engineers came and said there is nothing they can do as my line is still locked to TalkTalk. So needed to get Yayzi to put a specific request to CityFibre to release the line so they could take it over. It meant I was without internet for 4 days. But it got sorted. I suspect if Yayzi didn’t do that my line would still be locked to TalkTalk.

CityFibre are clearly not set for mass adoption.

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