Cityfibre messed up, Yayzi won't reply

Hi everyone, I’m having to reach out here because it’s proving very hard to get through to Yayzi and get my situation resolved.

We had Cityfibre installed in the flat we moved in to and chose Yayzi as our provider.
The installer came Monday last week and changed the ONT on the wall to newer one. After a bit of troubleshooting everything worked good and we had good speeds. Everything worked fine.
An hour after the installer left, I got a text message from Cityfibre that they are unable to do the install due to a network issue but I ignored it as it had already been installed and everything was working fine.
Two days later the service light went out on the ONT and I got in touch with Yayzi. They told me that the fault was on Cityfibre’s side and that they will raise the issue with them. Next morning I got a message from Yayzi that Cityfibre is unable to do the install due to a scaffolding outside of the house. But the install was already done!
Ever since I have been chasing Yayzi only getting vague questions if the service light is still off and that they are waiting for an answer from Cityfibre. I called Cityfibre too but they just say to raise the issue with Yayzi.

It won’t help to change the provider as the issue is with Cityfibre. And Cityfibre is the only one in the building.

We’ve just moved into this flat and are both working from home. We’re currently using mobile data but our reception is really weak on all carriers with only slow 4G. Getting no replies as to how my situation is progressing feels rude and as I have already paid for this month, a bit scammy.

Any advice on what to do?
I’ve already tried Whatsapp and obviously I submitted a ticket to which they replied the first few days but then nothing.

Hi Mikko,

We’re currently working with CityFibre to get this resolved, as they’re saying the install couldn’t complete due to scaffolding, we’ve gone back to them and said well it was only an ONT swap, not a full install.

We’re just needing them to activate the service, we will chase this again up for you now.


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