CityFibre/Yayzi install didn't go well

CityFibre came to install our full fibre Friday but apparently the connection on the telephone pole isn’t strong enough please can you get In Touch with CityFibre for them to sort the connection out please. I have emailed yous Friday and also sent a direct message on Reddit but no response as of yet so thought it must be just because it’s the weekend so left yous alone but then I see yous are replying to comments on Reddit so looks like I’m just being ignored? Please can you get back to my messages and emails or reply to this please luckily I’ve a month until my virgin gets disconnected but if this isn’t sorted it looks like I’ll be going back😅

1 screenshots attached was trying 3 but only allowed 1.


This would go to the onboarding team who aren’t in over the weekend (because CityFibre aren’t either)

So don’t worry it will get get picked up on Monday, and if you email support with your account query we can sort that out for you now :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey I sent my account query at the same time but will do it again now thank you