Connection dropping out

@Yayzi_Team we’ve had two connection dropouts in the last half hour, lasting around 5-10mins each time. Router still has connection but zero traffic. I’m hoping this isn’t related to the static IP allocation you did earlier for me.

Definitely wouldn’t be related. It’s just an IP change. But no issues on our end, will get the network team to take a look for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, just went down again for the 3rd time.

Came back up after 5 mins, and it’s gone down again… I’m struggling to get any work done with this.

@Yayzi_Team if this helps, router logs are saying:

Apr 22 15:39:15 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(662): eth4: Disassoc A4:98:13:72:58:C2, status: 0, reason: Disassociated because sending station is leaving (or has left) BSS (8), rssi:0
Apr 22 15:39:15 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(645): eth4: Deauth_ind A4:98:13:72:58:C2, status: 0, reason: Deauthenticated because sending station is leaving (or has left) IBSS or ESS (3), rssi:0
Apr 22 15:40:10 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(645): eth5: Deauth_ind 22:DA:4A:2D:6D:A1, status: 0, reason: Station requesting (re)association is not authenticated with responding station (9), rssi:-72
Apr 22 15:40:10 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(662): eth5: Disassoc 22:DA:4A:2D:6D:A1, status: 0, reason: Disassociated because sending station is leaving (or has left) BSS (8), rssi:-72
Apr 22 15:40:10 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(722): eth5: Assoc 22:DA:4A:2D:6D:A1, status: Successful (0), rssi:-76

Could this be an issue with the DHCP server that I’m connected to?

@Yayzi_Team And down for the 5th time. Something most definitely not right here. I appreciate you saying it was just an IP change earlier, but it wasn’t long after that was done that this started, so (to me at least) there seems to be a connection between the two.

And for a 6th time… please @Yayzi_Team can you give me an update on what you’ve found might be the issue here as this is just getting annoying now.

DHCP for sure, are you able to configure your static manually? :slightly_smiling_face: We’ll work on the DHCP server in the meantime as obviously that shouldn’t be knock8ng you off

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Yeah, I can do that

Let me know if that helps from your side. We’ll get straight on it

Subnet mask / default gateway should be…?

@Yayzi_Team I’m failing with setting the static IP manually, what do I need for the default gateway and subnet mask? Also do you have an estimate of time to fix as this is going to affect my wife’s streaming tonight which will give me more earache than I’ve already had all afternoon.



@Yayzi_Team Thanks, but there’s something else playing up here. Those setting work, but I’m still getting dropouts. I’ve gone back to dynamic for the moment until you tell me the issue is fixed. All I ask is that you be realistic about the fix, if you can’t get it sorted this evening then undo what you did today with setting the static IP - I did t have this issue on the 185 range. I’d rather a changing IP than dropouts.

Our guys are working on this for you :slightly_smiling_face: go back to dynamic IP settings and we’ll try a couple of things

So. Many. Disconnections. OMG. It’s up then minutes later it’s back down again. Any updates, or it is time to think about undoing the static IP change so I can have a peaceful evening?

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Talking of which @Yayzi_Team
@mikekilley sorry hope im not hijacking your thread…

My logs are full of disconnects and high latency, I presume this is CF not Yayzi ?

Did this ever get sorted for you in the end? im getting exactly the same issue went out friday and been on and off ever since, i had issues on install day and when i finally got a connection they said I would get a satic ip within 72 hours and the next night at 11pm i had a drop out and its not been stable since completely unusable wondering how long it took to get solved for you in the end