Connection Outage 11/4/24

Anyone else experiencing an outage? We’re in Weston-super-Mare. Been out for the last 20mins or so.

/cc @Yayzi_Team

Does it say anything on your Yayzi acccount?

Uptime stats are in there

CityFibre gone down, just updating status pages.

CityFibre Core Link down between Reading (Rea282) & Weston-Super-Mare (wsm16)


Thanks. We’re in such a poor mobile reception area, even just accessing this forum is painful on 4G. What is the status page url please?

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Latest update below (we don’t have your area added to the status page so that will need to be added, so will update regularly here for you)

NOC has received an update from NEOS, indicating that during their restoration efforts, they’ve identified the issue at a fibre PIT on Lombard Street. However, access to the affected area is impeded by large concrete slabs, as the site is currently used by local construction for material storage. NEOS’s third-party carrier splicers proposed a workaround using spare fibres, but unfortunately, there are no spare fibres available for rerouting traffic. NEOS has informed NOC that splicing cannot be carried out at the PIT until the 12th at 10 am, due to its location and circumstances. Major Incident Management has requested full details on the rationale behind this timeframe.

You login to your my Yayzi account and select service status

There is also another page here:

Blimey. That’s me and the wife not getting any work done in the morning then. Appreciate the updates. Seems I’ll have to read a book or play on the PS5 this evening, beats having to talk to the missus.

Well it appears that they must have managed to get an emergency repair done, we’re back up and connected again now. But with yet another new IP address. Please, please @Yayzi_Team, can we get static IPs sorted on the 185 range…? :pray:

No internet… so it will be down for the morning as well?? If they starting to work on it around 10am


Yours is down because of the line upgrade :slightly_smiling_face: should be back up shortly.

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Was also down in Harrogate, anyreason ? Turned it all off and went to bed early. Now up and running again.


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I’m in Harrogate & it kept drifting in and out yesterday evening. Working fine this morning…

Hi @Yayzi_Team . My connection went down about 20 minutes ago. I see nothing on the status page so please can someone take a look asap.


OK, back up - crisis averted!

I have just woke up to no internet (Sunday). Says Offline/packetloss for IPv4. Tried rebooting router twice and did not fix it.

Checked my internet settings and still using Vlan 911. And am currently on the 141 IP range.

Looks to be a CityFibre issue. We’re looking into it for you


Does this mean it is going to be at least Monday for a fix to this?

It depends on how long CityFibre take

Here’s a question while you wait… How long as a piece of fibre?

I see what you did there :eyes:

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