Cost for Cityfibre to relocate ONT?


Please could you advise on what the coststrong text is to get Cityfibre to relocate the ONT ?


You could do this yourself with some fibre cable. They don’t splice it in, its all fibre connectors, just search fibre extension cable :slight_smile:

Its this type you need.

Cityfibre charge in the region of £120 to move the ONT.

i took your advice and bought a relocation kit. Works perfectly. thanks!!

Elfcam® - Reinforced Fibre Optic Cable SC/APC to SC/APC Simplex Single-mode (4 mm), equipped with a PTO for Fibre Box,

Thanks for the link - you have just solved a minor annoyance for me that saves having to install a comms cabinet under the stairs. Too bad I have the comms cabinet already :smiley: