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Hi to all.
If you raise a ticket, it stays blank and gives no feed back or response. A ticket does not open but eventually someone gets back to you with something like, “We will look into that for you!” Still no ticket appears. One is not opened, numbered or closed (you don’t get the option to keep it open to demand responce) and comms goes quiet.

If you use the chat box, someone gets back to you after about 30 mins. No auto repose. I have gone out by then. It does not let you nag or message repeatedly. You may not send again until you get a reply. After 30 mins I got, "We are here. Can we help. I know this because I got it in an email that I read the following morning. Sigh!

If you use the forum (get signed up folks) then a fairly quick (15 to 20 mins or so) someone gets back to you usually with the ticket answer above but with patience, things start to be noted. With more patience they are looked into AND WITH MUCH MORE PATIENCE one gets the impression that something is being done. The great thing, but not so clever on Yayzi’s part, is that the forum becomes the go to point of contact and everyone can read it. A double edged sword methinks. Still, their business model I s’pose.

Non of the above is immeadiatly obvious. You have to dig to get somewhere.

This feels to me like customer fire-walling at best and next to no staff at worst.

Here endeth me contribution sa :wink:


Interesting post, thanks Dick.

Im just about to move to Yayzi so your insight is helpful, to the entire internet as you say

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Don’t get me wrong. I want Yayzi to succeed. Good for them, good for me, but I am becoming distrustful of a capital venture that may be minimum in and max out rinsing customers and staff alike.

For the competitive prices they are charging us you’re hardly getting “rinced” as you say.

Sure they’re small but they are trying.

I see them in the CityFiber Redit channel constantly responding to people on a regular basis. I get responses on WhatsApp in a very quick time frame.

Like any small company they won’t always get it right and yes they will lose some customers now and again.

Customers aren’t perfect either…

“Customers aren’t perfect either…”
That is a devisive and polarising comment that does not bear scrutiny in a service based environment.
Glad you are happy with this service. I am not. Perfect or not thank you.

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You paint a one-sided picture. Life is about balance.

Oh and by the way, Cityfibre let me down big time by not showing last Thursday to do the install. I was really pissed and expected much better esp as I piad for the pro package!

I spoke to the installers this morning (couple of young lads) and they said that demand for installs is off the chart in my neck of the woods.


You could always take legal action :rofl:

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to say all this has been taken onboard and we’re currently doing a full overhaul of the support systems we have in place to ensure we keep on top of things, we are a small and growing company, demand for our services are at an all time high, so we’re bringing in more staff to help with this.

Just as a side note, we’re not owned by any investors, or banks, or venture capitalist. We’re privately owned by two people and Yayzi is self funded.

So getting everything is right is important to is, as it full transparency when things go wrong as they sometimes do in this industry, you are all in a unique position where you’re actively helping us shape Yayzi what we hope will be the “perfect ISP’

Feedback is important to us and is always taken onboard.

Yayzi Support Team


Good to read that big money is not at play here. As I said above I want you to succeed and this morning, you have done so by fixing my streaming problem so many thanks for that.
Also taking on board my comments to improve comms is apreciated.
My problems are now sorted.

Some thoughts from me. Yayzi is a small ISP with some growing pains. The key for me is that they recognise those growing pains and are taking steps to address them:

  • the portal having a few issues, such as ticket raising
  • the mismatch between the contract in the portal and what you’ve actually signed up for
  • an erroneous direct debit taken for a router I didn’t take.

But in every case, a person has got involved and got things fixed. Compare that with other large ISPs I’ve been with where they may have perfectly numbered and updated service desk tickets, but nothing ever actually gets resolved.

Nirvana for me would be for a continuation of the same personal ownership of issues, but underpinned by some formal systems. I’ve seen nothing that suggests that won’t be the case.

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Hey. You may have seen my other thread in the forum where i’ve waited 7 weeks for someone to fix my internet - now finally thankfully sorted. I was just reading this thread and had some thoughts from my experience.

I think we can all appreciate that Yayzi are a new and small ISP, and there are always going to be issues. It’s not ideal, but I can live with as long as I can see the company are doing there best to help and resolve problems. The massive complaint I have with Yayzi is that they blatantly lie. Examples:

  • After joining I waited a couple of weeks and no router arrived. I chased Yayzi continuously but with no replies and all my communication ignored. Finally when I told them I was cancelling my DD someone miraculously sent me an email. They’re excuse was that Royal Mail had lost my router at their depot. It was clearly just a made up excuse. I’d have been find if they’d just admitted they’d forgotten about me and apologised,
  • The reason they gave for not answering my many emails was that they’d just migrated to a new email system and my emails had got lost. Again, obviously an untruth as even now on their apparent “new” email system they still don’t reply to anything.
  • When I joined, on their help page they had a link to the Communications Ombudsman. One of the reasons I joined Yayzi despite them being a new company was that it looked like they had signed up with the Communications Ombudsman who could then independently help with complaints. After my many problems with Yayzi I contacted the Ombudsman who told me they’d never heard of Yayzi and that Yayzi should claiming to be affiliated in any way! I think they’ve had a word with Yayzi as the link to the Ombudsman has now been removed from the website. However, this is blatant misrepresentation, as I (and i’m sure many others) joined thinking they were going with a reputable ISP signed up with the Communications Ombudsman.

Hi Kamb,

This feedback has been taken onboard and is being acted on, so thank you!

Regarding the Communications Ombudsman - We were with them under a different registration name, this is being updated and migrated over to the correct name, so we will be back onboard with them shortly! :slight_smile:

Yayzi Support Team