Direct debit date

I’m thinking of switching my broadband from VM, when I go through the installation booking process it sets my direct debit date to the same day as the installation date. I have no issue in paying the first bill on the installation day, however is there an option to change this at a later date? I prefer all my DD’s to go out on a specific day.


Hi Craig,

We would take payment out on 1st of every month :slight_smile:


Thank you for the quick reply, I have a couple of more questions if you can help?

If I don’t need the router as I have my own, do I still need to pay the £99 installation? If so how do I do this as there’s no option to remove the router?

And if I have it on the 1 month rolling initially to rial the broadband, can I change it to an 18 month contract once I’m happy and get the cost saving that comes with an 18 month contract?

Many thanks