DIsney+ and Ring Doorbell connection issues, since the Core upgrade


I have a strange issue since the outage and core upgrade last night, I am using my own Asus Routers in a mesh that hasn’t changed but after the upgrade I am having a strange issue. I would also add that before the core outage my connection was solid and always had a 2Gb connection, I still have a great connection but having the following issues.


If I sign onto a PC with the web address for Disney+ I can sign on and it works 100%, but Disney+ on a Fire Cube/Stick now hangs with a spinning circle, this also happens on a games console Xbox and Playstation but I get an error saying “Something went wrong” which isn’t very helpful. On our Samsung TV the Disney+ app has the following message is saying the following… Error code 73 is Disney+ is only available in certain regions. Depending on where you are located, you may not be able to access Disney+

Ring Doorbell System

Since this morning I cannot get a connection, so today I have deleted the Ring devices and tried to set-up via the Ring app, when I try to connect the network will not connect to the Device, my Wifi password has not changed and was working before yesterday. I then get a message saying please disable your VPN. On my Phone I do not have a VPN, this was working before the core upgrade.

Does anyone have any ideas that could solve this issue, it seems that the system is trying to connect me to somewhere other than the UK.


Sorry for any typing mistakes etc but I have had a stroke and the sentence my not be 100%

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I have checked my WAN ip address and I get the following information from IP Address Lookup | Geolocation

IP ADDRESS:79.135.101.X
COUNTRY:United Kingdom
CITY:Wyre District
ISP:Yayzi Broadband Limited

Theres another post with 400+ comments of people all experiencing issues from a total loss, to intermittent dropouts to Disney+ not working. You aren’t alone Craig, Yayzi are working on it.

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Rather than resetting the ring door bell, you could try removing the power from it aha plugging it back in again if you haven’t already.
Ring servers are in cloud so it might help initialise the connection again :grinning: