Disney plus and bbc iplayer not working on yazi home broadband

Apps work fine when tethered to my 5g connection but wont play any content through bbc iplayer on yazi home broadband connection and disney plus app will not launch. This the same across mutiple different devices windsows mac and android.

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We’ll take a look for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Yayzi_Team - I’ve got a similar issue as above when it comes to the apps, but also with my WiFi calling.

From researching online it appears EE only allow WiFi calling when in the UK. My IP address appears to be based in US and hence I’m having this issue. Can you resolve this please as I’m really struggling to get alot of my work done. Would appreciate the help. Thank you.

The network team are on this now guys. We’ll get you sorted


Thank you. I truly hope it does get sorted. Appreciate all the help.

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Any updates on this as apps are still not working

I’ve just connected to a VPN to America and still have WiFi calling

@Yayzi_Team we are having the same issues with our broadband to a point where its kicking us out of games, and work from home software. this needs sorting ASAP

What ip range are you on? Mine has been solid all day. I have been gaming non stop whilst the wife is working from laptop. Not a single issue

unsure but ill have a look, ATM moment it thinks I’m in Atlanta

this is what we get when we try and sign in on national lottery

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that should tell you:

@Yayzi_Team haha!
has the range geolocation transitioned? :slight_smile:


yeah just done the same thing just says atlanta instead of boston

Yes but mines been ok in the UK but has moved back

it seems to change very couple of days its irritating

My IP doesn’t but the geolocaltion has

yeah thats what i mean

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Hmm. The locations shouldn’t keep changing. This is really odd. We’re investigating immediately, we’ve got a company dealing with geolocation databases now. So this should speed things up significantly for everyone.

We’ll get it sorted!


Its still an issue

Hi chaps,
Are we getting anywhere? Can you let us know what’s happening please :grin:

Which IP range are you on? Disney+ is not an issue on 79.135.x.x