Drop out on a regular basis

Hi, my internet still continues to drop out on a frequent basis, then reconnects again. The portal still doesn’t work. If things continue like this I will have to leave yazi

Hi Roy,

We’re doing a lot of updates on the portal, at the moment that’s all greyed out because it’s not yet compatible with the new routers.

We’ll monitor your connection over the next few days, to see if there are any network dropouts happening.

Yayzi Support Team

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The portal still doesn’t work, shows me as offline. Internet speed still up and down, 32mps today. Tv just buffers, plugged into Ethernet.

Portal still says router offline and bills not available. How long now ? 4 months ?

Hi Roy,

New portal is up and running for bills, you’ll have the details in the invoice email we sent (check spam) - if you haven’t got it let me know and I’ll resend.


Hi Liam , last invoice has no details of bill or new portal. Portal I have still doesn’t have bills / invoices. Thank you.