Emergency Maintenance [15th March 2024 - 00:01 - 02:00]

Service Services Affected Time
DHCP Server 79.x.x.x 00:01 - 02:00
DHCP Server 154.x.x.x 00:01 - 02:00

On the 15th of March starting from 00:01 to 02:00 we will be conducting some emergency maintenance on two of our DHCP servers due to dropouts affecting customers. We’re also at the same time going to be moving customers from the 79.x.x.x and 154.x.x.x ranges to our other ranges.

Hi everyone,

Firstly, we just want to thank everyone for being so understanding and patience while we worked on getting your connections restored due to an issue with our upstream transit provider.

We also wanted to give you a small overview of what happened and what’s happening next.

  • At around 16:58 on 12th March, we detected a major outage with our transit provider which resulted in around 40% of our users going offline. We had over 300 tickets come in over a period of an hour.

  • While users were down, I made the decision to move those customers over to our new network (we’d already moved the other 60% over to the network over the last couple of weeks)

  • Services started to be restored at around 1am on 13th March, but later in the morning we still had around 70 users offline.

After users had come back online we had gotten feedback from some who had been having frequent dropouts and also streaming/browsing issues. We have ran a few tests throughout the day today with some select users to verify the issue and implement a fix.

So we have made the decision that tonight between midnight and 2am we will move those users on the affected server/IP range. This means some users WILL experience a network dropout between that timeframe. Service is expected to restore quite quickly, so if after 2am you are still down please reboot your router.

We appreciate you all.