EX230V 160MHz setting?


I have the EX230V with my package. It seems to only support wifi upto 80MHz channel width, not 160MHz? I thought the 802.11ax standard, which this wifi 6 router is, is meant to support 160MHz channel width?

Also, this router doesn’t support channels 149 and above which is a useable (non DFS) channel in the UK, is this correct?


It does support 160mhz in the settings

The highest I can select is 80 MHz.

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Taking a look at this for you, firmware upgrade available so we’ll sort that first for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Yayzi support. I can see the firmware update has gone through. I still don’t have 160MHz as an option though. It’s not that important, I just wondered why I didn’t have it and also why I didn’t have channels 149+ to choose from.

Any update on this? Here is a screenshot of my choice of wifi channel width.

It goes auto, 20, 40, 80.

For some reason I cant screenshot the 80 option but that is the bottom of the list, no 160 is available.

And if you drag the little blue line down they don’t show then?

No like I said the screenshotting goes funny when I try to scroll the list to the bottom, but here is a photo to prove it only goes down to 80.

Change your channel for 60DFS to Auto and see what that does

Makes no difference.

80Mhz is the highest option available.

And channel 128 is the highest channel available.

The UK allows channels 132-144 and 149-173.