Ex820v - Wired speed over 1Gb ports

Hi Everyone,

Had my brand new fiber install completed on Friday - I went for the 2.5gbps pro connection. Install was completed, hooked the router up, and it was active within about 5-10 mins (possibly less) - from start to finish the whole install was completed within about 90 minutes - fantastic.

Did some testing and hooked my PC (which has an onboard 2.5gig port) up to the 2.5gig port on the router, speed test was fantastic - over 2300mbps down, and very similar up speeds.

My only issue seems to be the other 3 gigabit ports - max download speed I seem to get is around 130mbps up & down, even using the same cable that I used with the 2.5gig port. Connection does show as being 1gpbs in the router status page, and also on the PC / laptop end. I also have a 1000mpbs powerline adaptor, and I know not to expect anything like that, but even as a test having both powerline adaptors in the same double power socket, I was only getting around 100mbps, and with the receiver two floors up I get around 60-70 mbps, so I’ve just been using wi-fi 2 floors up and to be honest that’s great - I still get around 500mbps down / 300 up down over wifi

Are there any settings on the router which would help?


Powerline adapters do not like jumping ring mains and the speed will be severely reduced, it also depends on the age of the wires in the walls

My advice would be to pay for someone to run RJ45 CAT6 through your walls

Thank’s L0rdVerga, perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned the powerline - even wired directly to the 1gbps ports directly from a lapotp into the router, I’m still only getting around 130mbps, and that’s with the same cable I used in the 2.5gig port. Tried 3 different devices wired directly to the ports, and best I get is around 130mbps…

(the house btw is only a few years old, I know the powerline adaptors aren’t great but I imagine I should still be getting better speeds than I am - the status page of the powerline adaptor shows them being connected at 1gbps but transmit / receive rates of around 500-600mbps). I think the limit seems to be an issue with the gigabit ports


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Powerline is the spawn of Satan in networking terms, that you get horrible performance from them even in the same socket is a powerline issue, nothing to do with your router. Test with nothing plugged in/connected on the gigabit ports directly connected and you’ll get 930-940Mbit (1024Mbit less overheads), the 2.5 port will show roughly 2.3Gb (2.5Gb less overheads) as you found. In terms of what you can change, there are a few wireless settings on the EX820v, have a look: Getting the Best Out of Your EX820v Router with a Few Tweaks

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That’s weird if the device is plugged in directly to the router using a CAT 6 cable… try plugging the device (you’re getting 130,bps) into the ONT for a short duration while you do a speed test, to see if it’s the device or the router

How are you measuring the speed? Are you sure you’re using the cable and not using the wifi, despite the cable being connected?

Thanks everyone, not sure what was going on, possibly a combination of things, but yeah, was 100% only using the wired connection. When I’d initially tested with my PC where I got the 2.3Gbps , I’d not actually tested the 1gb ports using that - I was testing those with 2 laptops & a streaming box (with a 1gb port, however I don’t think that’s up to the task of handling the throughput of data, and I think the laptops were / are being limited by the the cloud based network protection, although it still doesn’t explain why wi-fi speeds were greater than the cabled connection…

Anyhoo, I’ve just ran a temporary cable from downstairs up to my PC and tested the ports, and I’m getting 2300+Mbps down & up on the 2.5gb port, and an average of 6-700 down / 8-900 up in each of the 1gb ports… It’s a 50m cable cat6 cable, not sure if that’d explain the slightly lower down speeds over the up speeds, but I’m more than happy with those speeds anyway. I was testing using a combination of netflix speed test (fast.com), ooka & google fiber speed tests

Still early days but so far I’m really impressed with Yayzi… long may it continue :slight_smile:

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I am glad you managed to figure it out