Gamers (looking for sponsors)

Hey all,

Do we have have any YouTube/Twitch gamers on here? Or know of anyone who may be interested in us sponsoring them.



I’ve been known to Twitch in the past, usually after a few pints.

On a serious note, you should get a Yayzi discord channel up.


Haha! I think Discord is a good idea actually. There are plenty of us who are massive gamers.

We’ve had a huge warehouse where we are evening looking in the future to host big LAN parties!


From a sales and marketing point of view, the I think Discord would be a good move for you.

Maybe put a few servers up for popular games using your connections, all these things raise awareness, and in a big way. If a player plays on a server hosted by you on your network, and they have a good experience connection wise, if Yayzi is available in their area then I think you’ve got a good chance of them signing up.


That’s actually a very good idea! We will look into that, thanks!


It works for Amazon to raise awareness.

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Get me on this LAN party :joy:

The way I play games, they’d think the sponsor sold dial-up!

No point me streaming, I’m from the West Midlands, they would never understand my Black Country accent. :laughing:

Hi Liam, tried to DM you regarding this but I’ve no idea where it’s gone :joy: can you DM me please

I’ve sent your link over to my friend, who’s a streamer on twitch, @mattathon

And also a good chance of them promoting Yayzi to their followers

Hey, I am actually a Twitch streamer (same username) I also starting YouTube livestreams as well.
Was just looking at you as potentially someone to switch to and just came across this post.
You can reach out to me if you want to via my email address (same email address is listed on my about on my channel to confirm).
Come say Hi on my channel if you want.

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