Geoblocking - how to check your IP address's location

Geoblocking by streaming services can be pain, here’s how to check your IP address’s location that is registered with RIPE in the Regional Internet Registry, .

1, Find your IP address at:
Copy your IP address.

2, Check location at
Paste your IP address in the search box at top of page, then click magnifying glass to search.

Scroll down results and you should find a field called “country” that shows the Country registered with RIPE for that IP address.

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Good info but worth noting that the location the IP is registered to can often be quite different from the “real” location stored in the geolocation database that most websites use. The most popular database for that kind of lookup is made by Maxmind and you can lookup your IP address within that here - GeoIP2 Web Service Demo | MaxMind

Most websites though have their own local copy of the databases, so these lookups whether on RIPE or Maxmind often don’t reflect the information that websites are actually using to geolocate you, since a lot of websites will have copies of databases that are out of date and not updated frequently, as opposed to the web version I linked above which is always up to date.

A good example of that is the recent issues people had with Channel 4 on Yayzi - the Yayzi IPs were registered in the USA (and so would have shown up as USA in RIPE), but with the latest copy of the Maxmind DB, it was correctly geolocating them to the UK. The issue was likely that Channel 4 was using an outdated geo lookup database.