Geolocation issues since 17th May - Promises to fix not honoured

I raised a ticket on the 17th May to ask to be moved from the 149 network as my workplace sees this as outside the UK. I have been having to work around this and having many issues. I have chased numerous times and told it will be fixed in 48 hours each time.
This morning my range is 154, which again reports to be USA - cant even put my lottery ticket on !
I have also still not got my static IP allocation
@Yayzi_Liam Please can you get this sorted as my patience is wearing thin. Thanks

Hi! Sorry the 154 is your static allocation, we’ve been told the outstanding geolocation database is being corrected and is expected to be done Friday.

I can move you to a different IP if you like or if you want to wait then we expect it to be sorted in the next few days

If you can promise this will be fixed by Friday, I can continue to work around it for work (I still have a BT connection for now, and means I have to failover).
Are you saying the 154.x.x.x address I have now is my permanent static IP?

Hi Rik,

That is correct. We’ve updated the provider and they said the next update would be pushed out Friday :slightly_smiling_face: