Getting 1 to 5 MB download today

1 to 5 Mb/s download speed and 500 to 1000 up for last 30 mins or so. Tried a reboot of ONT and Router to no avail.

I’m on 2.5 GB pro tier in Newcastle.

Happening to me too. Just checking in really as looks like they’re already investigating.

Looks like there was some interesting events during the night too

Seems fine in Leeds for me today, getting full 1.2gbs by 900 up

My Broadband Ping - Yayzi

Looks to not be nationwide thankfully

Could we PIN that link somewhere so it’s always easily accessible, it’s not easy to type :smiley:

You could always add it to your favourites on your browser or pin the tab as a quick fix :slight_smile:

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Oh sure, make the customer work for it :smiley:

I’m joking, I’ll probably save it as a favourite

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Mine looks to have recovered to normal speeds again.

Guess I’ll have to actually do some work again now :frowning_face:

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The issue has been indentified on the CityFibre network, we have raised this to them and once we have a reply we will post an update.

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Back to full speed here :slight_smile:

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The RSS feed linked on that page doesn’t work (subscribe > rss > subscribe). It goes to which doesn’t appear to resolve

I can’t get the SMS notifications working either, clicking subscribe does nothing

I applaud their effort

Jul 10, 2024 09:30:00 PM BST

Affected Components

Core National Network

Incident Status Updates


In Progress

Over the next few nights we will be working with CityFibre to add more capacity.

We have already added extra transit and peering capacity, next up is the port between us and CityFibre.

During this time you may suffer from low download speeds and increased latency, this is only temporary and when the work is completed you’ll see a noticeable improvement.


Great to see. Hopefully people will be finally happy it’s not going to go from 7 to 9ms