Getting very nervous

reading through some of the comments, I’m starting to think this is feeling like a Glasgow Willy Wonka experience.Would be great to see a few more positive comments on here.
Can say that on one positive note the taking of my money was textbook perfect, couldn’t ask for a more efficient experience, smooth as silk…

Will see how this pans out, but it seems the onboarding extends to the direct debit and beyond that you’re on your own

Posts like “taken install fee and have no account or service” isn’t just confidence inspiring, it’s filling me with joy of what’s lurking round the corner

I must say that, my experiance with Yayzi has been great, I get excellent speeds, if i have a problem, the team are helpful, it may take some time to respond, depending on the situ, but remember they’re fairly new, not as big as some of the other providers out there, and this is what i prefer, oh and that I could use my own equipment (pfsense etc) and not have ISP branded router / modem in the middle making my connection slower.

well that does sound a little more positive :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a small number of installs that have issues, and issues tend to fall into two categories. CF and ISP.

CF issues include the 3rd part contractor not attending the appointment, the install failing and requiring a second team, but if your install completes, you’re normally good.

ISP issues are usually down to equipment not arriving, billing not being amended if the install is delayed or technical issues or faults or failure to follow up, but following up often requires waiting a day for CF to get the techs to update notes/jobs etc.

Personally, it wasn’t smooth sailing for me, but once installed I haven’t had many issues, and those that have happened have been dealt with quickly.

Yayzi is a small ISP. The person you speak to on the forum and on Whatsapp is the person who will be speaking to CityFibre to fix any issues on your behalf.

I was with TalkTalk and it was a nightmare. The call centre agents are all based in India. They are in restricted locked-down system software that doesn’t let them do anything to help you. And they don’t really want to do anything to help and even if they did, they don’t know who the right people are within CityFibre and those right people don’t seem to want to help anyway.

Large-player ISPs are a nightmare to deal with if you have a line problem. The smaller ISPs you get better issue resolution because they speak to CityFibre/Openreach direct.

At the end of the day, it is a Cityfibre line, they install your service, they maintain your line and their engineers fix any problems that arise. You just need someone willing to speak to them on your behalf to do so. And you are going to get that will smaller ISPs than the larger ones.

Personally, I am really happy with Yayzi and I am very happy I signed up with them. I was with TalkTalk, I nearly went with Vodafone. But if I was given the choice today between these three I would go with Yayzi.

If you are worried about any future prospect of your line going down. The best thing you can do is go to CEX and buy a second hand 5G router from them and get an unlimited sim card from somewhere like Smarty and have this as a backup incase anything happens. This is what I did because I cannot live without my internet. I have not needed to use it once though in my 7 months of being a Yayzi customer.

Have to disagree with the others. My install was fine and everything had been working since the upgrades over the weekend.

In the space of 3 nights, my total downtime was over 24 hours from three separate instances. From what little I’ve gleaned, it seems only a few of us have been affected.

Although my speeds are back, my basic browsing is not. I’ve got slow loading on pages and the odd timeout.

I have that too, they seem to have went back to CGNAT on Monday and that is what is causing the issues.

Don’t worry guys, CGNAT is going fully. Normal service will be resumed tonight.

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My exact problem as well. Speed Test look ok when the connection is up but browsing is just so slow. Like being back on dial up modems again.

If the symptoms are that there’s a sort of long delay and then suddenly everything loads at once, it’s almost certainly the issue I mentioned above (bad DNS or IPv6, or both). It’s not straightforward to explain the steps to debug which it could be though.

You could try turning off IPv6 on your client rather than in the router which if it’s an IPv6 problem should fix it.

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We have no connection to be able to check this.

I had mine installed in mid November not had any problems since. Very happy customer.

well everything was sorted for me on the day of install with minimal downtime, should have updated to say so far very happy, no downtime since… :smiley:

Are you using Yayzi router if so how good is it?

yes using the stock router, had no issues with it, getting around 600Mbits on wifi on my phone, will do a wired test at some point, but will need to move the computer. not using the multi SSID or anything, but seems to be a decent set of configure options if needed

Thank you for answering

Is that 600mbps on the 5G?
how far from router is that?
What speed package are you on?


yes, that’s on the 5G. I’m in another room to the router, so about 8 metres away. I’m on the 2G Pro+, waiting for the exchange to be upgraded as after faster upload speeds more than anything else.
Will probably upgrade the router to wifi7 once prices come down a bit as we have a couple of devices that support wifi7, but until then happy with the current router

Thanks for letting me know :smiley:

Thought I’d come and add my experience here;

The install was mostly fine - there was a slight hiccup on install day but that was down to the CF folks not reading the job sheet (they arrived and fitted the wrong ONT which refused to sync, had to drive across town and pick up the correct ONT as they didn’t have one noting that “Your kind of ONT is only meant to be installed in [nearby town I don’t live in]”) and I think the cable is now trapped under a tree branch … but that’s not Yayzi’s fault!

I was initially provisioned on CGNAT rather than Static IP but I think that was an artefact of the switch - it was very quickly (15 minutes!) solved by Yayzi support and a reboot of the router got me the right IP address.

On a wired client I hit close to line speeds down and up (1Gbit) and I can’t really compare WiFi because I’m not using the provided router anymore; I have an Opnsense box w/ 2.5Gb NICs, 2.5Gb switches and a bunch of Unifi APs to provide coverage across the house as the brick walls really attenuate wireless signals! I’ve had no downtime so far, and no complaints, it’s a lot faster and cheaper than the outgoing Virgin Media connection (and far, far lower latency!).

Hi Aaron,
I have a OPNSense box with 2.5gb intel nics that I am having issues with not getting more than 1.5gb down, but geting 2.5gb up.
Any pointers would be helpful.