Glasgow installation dates, earliest in October?


I just recently got the email from Cityfibre informing me that my addresses is now live on their network. I am looking at Yayzi but the earliest installation dates on any package is currently October.

Is this right? In Glasgow area.

No October,that can’t be right,I’m in Glasgow and I had yayzi go live 5-6 days after I ordered,I jst tried it there and I could have going live 6 days from now

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The would still have to get fibre to the telegraph pile, that could be the case and all the background work

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Possibly. Im not exactly sure on the whole infra process from start to finish (but would love one of you knowledgsble people to explai) but they did dig up the pavement and install the Toby boxes outside ths property a few momths ago, would poles still be invovled?

It would depend upon the situation, sometimes and sometimes underground ducts are used.

After they installed the green boxes in my area it still took 5-6 months to go active to order Yayzi. Every area is different I know some people who could order a few weeks after the green boxes got installed etc.

Just to double check, even if the Cityfibre checker page says this then its still normal to maybe have to wait months to be connected?


Easiest way to check would be to select a different ISP to Yayzi and see what sort of dates you get offered. Don’t go through with it though, as you’re better off here!

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The dates are pulled live from CityFibre’s API - It’s very likely to be the same for all ISP’s - The dates can vary, it could be as soon as a couple of weeks from the street to being completed, or as in your case it could be a few months - There is absolutely nothing we (or any other ISP) can do to change that :frowning:

The street could be live but CityFibre may be waiting for some wayleaves (if you’re in flats etc…)

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Yes this showed on mine when I checked. It’s really annoying to have to wait so long but as Yayzi team say it might be a few weeks for you or months. Even Cityfibre didn’t know when I was emailing them etc

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