Global protect system

I work from home and my employee uses a system called global connect. Since today it can’t connect which means I can’t connect to our internal systems. I have been onto our IT and have confirmed its a broadband provider issue. I can use my phone as a personal hotspot and it works and I also took it to mcdonalds wifi and its fine.can you check if you have changed any settings at your end.

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So I to had this exact issue today and the only way to fix it is use a VPN built into router. I used my old ASUS router with nordVPN ans it’s let my partner now use her work laptop

I have the same problem. Have to tether from my phone. Pain in the ass.

@Pools28 Could you confirm what subnet you are on this will help the Yayzi team out :slight_smile:

Think you just need to provide the 1st set of numbers.

For example just provide 192

It will be because Yayzi have recently switched from CGNAT meaning the IP range that some people are on is GeoLocated in the US. This is because of the lack of fresh IPv4 address so the IPs have had to be purchased as “second” hand.

Updated to be correct :slight_smile:

the 1st Octet is the important one

The 185.x.x.x network, seems to be working fine.

You probably have a 149.x.x.x address, which has been causing issues. Probably the Geoip database is not updated eith the latest changes move from a US based owner to Yayzi in the UK.

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