Had enough of yayzi already

I’m having issues web browing and I know it has something to with yayzi,when I try and go to Britishgas.co.uk,i cant log in,every time,every time I click on British gas on Google search the page trys to load but then hangs,it’s the same on my ipad/iPhone and android tablet,so I tried my 4g mobile phone instead of WiFi and it will load fine,im on 149 ip and I seen people were having problems with Web pages and were moved to another ip,I also connected to my virgin hub and Britishgas.co.uk loads fine,im havin the same issue on various other site,I only went live yesterday and iv e had so many problem I’m seriously on the verge of cancelling,support is taking hours to answer bck,ive got another thread opened but when I tryed to answer bck I was blocked and got this message from yayzi,the black screen shot at the bottom is when I try to connect to my British gas account,the bottom pic shows British gas loading fine on 4g but it won’t load with yayzi

You’ve not been blocked, as a new user you’ve reached the maximum messages that’s all, its the same for everyone :grinning:

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Yayzi has informed you that the current issue in your area is unfortunately beyond their control as it involves CityFibre.

Regarding the IP/Website access issue, they are aware and are working diligently to resolve it. However, they are dependent on 3rd Party database updates, which is causing a delay.

I understand your frustration, but please know that Yayzi team is not ignoring you. They are doing everything they can to address these issues as quickly as possible.

As for the blocked message, like Lynchnigel said this something that is in-place for new forum users to prevent spam.

I know you can’t reply but could you check this site to see what location your IP is saying you are in? IP Address Lookup - Instantly Locate Your Public IP make sure to blur your IP :slight_smile: Then you should be able to edit your post to include the screenshot.


You’re not on your own, they do know about it and trying to sort it out, I’m the same again it’s not just picking on you. My web browser won’t take me to BG s website. They will sort it :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


They’ve known about the issue with the British Gas website for weeks and it still isn’t fixed.

As had been said loads of times, it’s not Yayzis problem, it’s the databases for such as mindmax or others that need updating.

Are Yayzi not in control of the IPs they buy in and issue to customers? Are they not in a position to test them properly before deploying them to customers?

We absolutely do test them before we deploy them. Unfortunately out of the hundreds of billions of websites we obviously can’t test them all.

So feedback from users is hugely important and every website that has an issue and gets reported on we act upon it immediately.

It’s also worth submitting a ticket as a customer to British Gas, it may help speed things along :slightly_smiling_face:

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Let’s take a gander at what Yayzi’s competition is:

Great “Full fibre” you have their, TalkTalk. really!

In terms of the IP issue, I am sure you have a VPN. how often do you need to check the British Gas website? I know it’s not ideal, but have others have pointed out and even Yayzi themselves, it’s the Geo location databases that need updating

I see the Yayzi apologists are out and about…

So the service is so good I need a VPN to access the website of a major British company? Yeah rightoh!

@Primus WOW what is the point even commenting @Yayzi_Team have to keep posting/commenting on this over and over again when they already explained the reason why it’s happening. Hopefully will get sorted soon. If you are not happy then message them and ask to leave it’s that simple.

Oh not this again lol, no one is apologising for Yayzi. People are simply giving people options and repeating what Yayzi have already said.

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I am not apologising for Yayzi here, I am offering you a workaround for a once a month used website, I agree that these issues should not exist at all, but at the end of the day, you have a valid workaround of using mobile data until the issue is rectified by the company Yayzi are paying to update the Geo-location databases.

I am unable to replicate your issue on my end, even on Surfshark I can access the site using the Argentina VPN server, so British Gas are not blocking specific countries it seems

The work around I use it TunnelBear VPN.

They have a free option 500mb and a Chrome extension. I enable it, Get on to BG or O2 do what I need to then turn it off.

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Just to throw it out there, have you checked your firewall logs or filters in case?

I have a friend that’s with Sky broadband, his IP geo locates to US. So it’s major companies too that experience IP issues. I had the same issue, it took a few weeks working with Yayzi when I first joined, they eventually sorted it for me.

I do understand it can be frustrating though.

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